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Thread: Upgrade to V. 4.2e and now it wont loads discs

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    Upgrade to V. 4.2e and now it wont loads discs


    I just recently had to replace my wii disc drive, I had wiinja on the old disc drive but this time I bought one that had a wiikey 2 installed. I replaced it on sunday and it played the disc and then for some and now realising very stupid reason I update my wii firmware too 4.2e and now no disc's will load, it keeps saying that it cannot load the disc. And I dont really know what to do now, do I need to upgrade my firmware on the chip or can I somehow go back on the firmware update. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers!

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    4.2 broke the out of region disc loading capability of modchips. If it's failing to load Euro-PAL discs then maybe it's something else.

    You can downgrade 4.2 but it is risky and a potential bricker so be warned. We don't even have a guide on Wiihacks due to it's inherent risk.

    If your Wii is really old (pre-Aug 2008) then it should be safe enough, provided you can install bootmii/boot2
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