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Thread: Savegame manager goes to black screen

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    Savegame manager goes to black screen

    I will freely admit I am a complete noob. I've installed home brew, banner bomb v2 and now I am trying to install savegame manager. Everytime I select 'load' in the HBC it goes to a black screen, my wii slot flashes and nothing happens.

    I tried downloading savegame extractor and savegame installer seperately but nothing showed up in the HBC at all. I followed the instructions in this thread , which were brilliant but didn't work once I got stuck.

    I have searched this forum for a solution but none of the answers seemed to fit the problem I was having.

    I would greatly appreciate any support offered, thank you.

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    Same problem here. However, there are a lot of apps that don't load properly on my wii (either blank screen/hang or core dump), so I suspect it's a problem with something other than the app itself.

    Some other forums suggested using a different SD card manufacturer. I'm using a Kingston 2GB card that seems to be successful for other people. Could be the individual card though.

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    Did you guys know that there is a new savegame manager out, called Savegame Manager GX... it looks amazing I think you guys should try that and see if it works... I downloaded it from the homebrew browser.

    I find that some apps dont always work when I download from homebrew browser... it is a good idea to try downloading the app from the internet then setting it up on your sd card manually.

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    Thanks for the replies ! I swapped from a 4GB card to a 2GB card and downloaded savegame managerGX from the web and not HomeBrew. Not sure which one did the trick but It's now working beautifully for me. Really appreciate the replies, thanks.

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    [RESOLVED] black screen savegame manager gx

    i resolve the issue , create a Mii and a savegame in the wii before run the SaveGame GX, seems the r98 have a issue in the "no mii in wii memory" dialog.

    you can run the r95 then restore some mii and savegame and then the version r98 run just fine.

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