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Thread: Getting the most out of Homebrew?

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    Getting the most out of Homebrew?

    I recently just bought a Wii, partly because i am interested in messing with stuff so i got straight on with a Homebrew. Everything seems successful i have the homebrew channela and have also set it up to play back ups.

    Apart from the backups i'm pretty disapointed. I don't think i've found anything of interest.
    -Playing DVDs on the Wii is too loud.. when the fan and cd are going crazy it's annoying to sit and watch a movie.

    So what do you do to get the most out of your Wii Homebrew? any recommendations? games?

    How well do the emulators work, is it worth buying the N64 games from Virtual Console or does the emulator work just as well? what about the Genesis and SNES emus?

    Also, is there anyway to get Goldeneye on the Wii? in anyway shape or form, that's playable... i'm highly dissapointed to see that it's missing


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    I play goldeneye from wii64 no problem. Then got fed up and played 007 on the wii!

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    Well you can play DVDS off a USB HDD and eliminate the disc spinning and fan sound. For homebrew games you could check out, Super Mario War. (get it at

    The N64 emulator for the wii is not that great as of now but it plays some games well (super Mario 64, Mario kart, and others)

    If your interested check out THIS thread for a great n64 emulator for the PC.

    The genesis and SNES emulators work quite well and I use them regularly.
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    You can also use the internet channel....wii earth,a google earth wannabe.Plus theres wiiware games,virtual console games.all available here.


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