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Thread: uLoader 4.XXX NAND Emulation Question

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    uLoader 4.XXX NAND Emulation Question

    Hey Wiihacks. I had a question regarding NAND emulation on uLoader. I use uLoader 4.9C to launch my backups on my D3-2 drive, 4.2U Wii and I read on another site how one of uLoader's newest features was NAND emulating, and how that can be used to play VC/Wiiware games. I also read that triforce does pretty much the same thing.

    When I checked GBATemps "matrix compatibility table" (link below) for uLoader and loading VC/Wiiware, I noticed that there were some entries (Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask is an example) that say you get either a stack dump or a system error message when starting these games.

    ULoader 4.X VC/WiiWare emulation compatibility - WikiTemp

    My question is: Because it is an emulated NAND through an SD card (as opposed to using your own real Wii's NAND), is it safe to say that if you were to get a stack dump or system error message that nothing bad could happen to your Wii's internal NAND or system files (in lamen's terms, no brick possibility)?

    I am interested in trying this out, but would like to know if anyone has encountered an error or a stack dump while using an emulated NAND on uLoader (or triforce) and if it messed up your system in any way or not.

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    it's still a grey area for me but I'm pretty sure that uloader is not using the real nand, or else it is using the nand the same way that normal wiiware does, meaning that it's making a copy of the original nand. triforce requires a full copy of your nand so it's not messing with the nand at all. that said, I haven't heard of any uloader bricks as of yet, but it's still pretty new.

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    stack dumps are will not do any bad usally means it cant find somthing it needs

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    I haven't seen a feature in Uloader to load VC games, but if there is and you are using an emulated NAND, and some how recieve a brick, it will brick the NAND on your SD or USB, no effect on your actual NAND

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