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Thread: PSP 6.20 exploit released!

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    PSP 6.20 exploit released!

    Malloxis has released his savedata exploit for the PSP firmware 6.20 that works on all PSP models including the PSP Go. According to the dev, the hack was discovered because of a loophole in the Patapon 2 demo with the help of N00b81, m0skit0 and wololo. The dev also promises an e-loader is already in the works so stay tuned.

    Download the game here.
    Download the save game here.

    Put the demo in the game folder, the save in savegame folder and the h.bin(it is in the save game zip)
    in the root of your psp ms. Load the save then press the r button.

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    A save game with hacked stats or stuff like would narutrally work on all psps even if they are not hacked but the game has to be the same region as the save game even if it is hacked correct me if im wrong though


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