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Thread: Big problem after changing setting with AnyRegion Changer

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    Big problem after changing setting with AnyRegion Changer


    I have a NTSC US Wii and so far never did any hacking on it except having a d2ckey modchip in it.
    But over the last week I was really impressed by some new hacks and homebrew applications that I really wanted to try some out and the first thing was being able to run some VC titles not available as NTSC US version, so I used the application called "AnyRegion Changer" with the Twilight Hack and changed my game settings to Europe and video mode to PAL.
    This worked great and two titles from PAL regions indeed were perferctly playable after doing that

    However experienced users may already guess, I somehow can't boot any disc now and of course I don't have the Homebrew Channel on my Wii, so I can't do anything else on my Wii now

    First I thought my Wii maybe can boot now only PAL games, so I tried a PAL version of Twilight Princess and I formated the system memory but both didn't fix my problem. The only thing I could try now is maybe upgrading the system software, I am still on 3.2U, does anyone know if this is safe (I changed only game region to Europe and video mode to PAL, nothing else) and could this fix the problem?

    Thanks for any suggestion and greetings!



    Just buy the way, I did read the readme that came with AnyRegion Changer and it seems just the one I got didn't say anything about better installing the Homebrew Channel first to avoid this problem, I just read about this after searching for solutions today, if I had the same readme as posted at many other places around the net I sure would have followed this suggestion
    I used the version 1.0 and maybe it was later added in the readme for 1.1 but well, I didn't know about version 1.1 at that time.
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    Do any PAL discs work on the Wii? Its a sticky situation since the Wii firmware is for US wii (3.3U) and the region is PAL and also you don't have the homebrew channel. You can try updating to 3.3U which shouldn't hurt but hopefully it would correct the region back to US.

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    Hi and thanks for the fast reply

    I don't have any retail PAL discs and playing PAL versions from any Wii games was until now not my intention, I just wanted to try some PAL VC titles that are not available for NTSC regions.

    The only disc I have here is a PAL Twilight Princess on a DVD-R which didn't boot like any other discs I have here. I can't try the retail version right now, but I doubt that this would make any differences as also with retail NTSC discs I get the same "Unable to read disc" error and not a message like "This disc can't be played on this Wii" what would mean that you have a disc from the wron region.

    OK, I will try a upgrade now to 3.3U, hope this will finally fix my problem and later tell my results. In two days Megaman 9 will be out and I don't won't to miss it



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    OK, I updated now to 3.3U and still nothing is working

    Judging from the size of the screen and the colors the Wii seems to be back at NTSC now and is not running in PAL anymore but DVDs still don't boot. I also redownloaded some VC titles from the Wii Shop Channel I purchased in the past and when I try to play them I get the message "This title can't be used." what I think happens when the Wii is set to another region than the game.

    I don't see anymore options for me to do anything, formating the system memory didn't help, upgrading the system didn't also and I can't boot DVDs.
    So I guess unless someone finds an exploit in the Photo Channel I am really stuck

    But is there a way that by opening the Wii this problem can be fixed? I am sure that I am not the only one who had that problem, otherwise there wouldn't be a warning in the readme of version 1.1 that wasn't there in the readme of 1.0, so what did happen with those consoles who had this problem?

    Thanks and greetings!


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    Hello and sorry for replying to my own thread again, but I cam across some interesting information and I wonder if that could help in my situation. I read some other tutorials about people using AnyRegion Changer and they also mention the possibility that no DVDs might boot:

    Tho instead I used tona's Any Region Changer v1.1 to change all of the wii configurations (system menu and region) into US ones. Then I used the wiikey 1.9s configuration program to edit the modchip settings(the US version tho, cause the JAP version wouldn't boot anymore since I changed the region) to change the load speed to 3x and turned region free off.
    5. If your modchip has a configuration disc run it. You WONT be able to play any games or read any discs until you run the config disc and save the settings.

    For WiiKey users this means running the config disc that you burned earlier and choosing configure and choosing the settings you like there
    So maybe if I install a new modchip into my Wii, the problem could be solved? Right now I have the d2ckey what can't be flashed, but if I let another modchip be put into my Wii that before gets the right configurations maybe my Wii could be saved?
    And which modchip for my Wii (D2C board) would allow me to do such settings before or better even after putting it into my Wii with a connector? How about the Wasabi or InFeCtuS 2 chip?
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    Sorry to it did not work. I'm at a loss on this one. I'll look around to see if I can find a solution else where on the net.

    In the mean tiem, may be someone else here may have suggestions for you.

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    Well, I have good news at another place people identified my problem in a matter of minutes and told me how to fix it

    Just in case someone else should have the same problem and worries as me in the future here is what was the problem and how to fix it:

    As I said I changed my GAME settings from USA to Europe and VIDEO MODE from NTSC to PAL. The problem now was not really in the Wii but the modchip as are also set to the region of the console and so now my console was set to Europe and the modchip was set to USA what stopped discs from booting.

    So what I first had to do (to be able to load discs again and use the Twilight Hack) was changing the region setting of my modchip to Europe as well, what in case of my modchip (dc2key) was done by changing jumpers on the chips board by soldering. That wasn't very hard to do as only jumpers had to be changed and not even wires are needed but still I had to open the console.

    After that I could load a PAL copy of Twilight Princess and use the TW hack to run AnyRegion Changer to change the settings back to USA and NTSC. Then the Wii had to be opened again to change the jumpers on the modchip back to USA as well and my Wii was back to normal again; still early enough for Megaman 9

    The first thing I did after that was installing the hombrew channel, so now I safely can use AnyRegion Changer without the need of Twilight Princess

    Thanks for everyone reading about my problem and trying to help, I hope I could return the favor by writing my solution



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    Great to hear you got it fixed, and thanks for detailing the solution.

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    Changing from JPN > US

    Here's what I have:

    - JPN Wii running official Nintendo v3.2 update
    - Wiikey modchip flashed with 1.9g
    - Backups successfully running
    - Homebrew channel installed

    I'm pretty bored of having to try and work out the Japanese text on the console and I noticed that there's an app named AnyRegion which allows you to effectively change the region of your console permanently (unless you run the program again to change it to something else of course).

    So, I'm thinking of changing from JPN to US, but would like to know what the official steps are with a modchip in the equation, specifically the Wiikey. Here's what I thought I'd have to do in the following order:

    - Flash the Wiikey with 1.9s US (previously I'd used the 1.9 JPN disk)
    - Run the Wiikey configuration disk and disable region overrides
    - Run AnyRegion from the homebrew channel and change everything to US settings (area, NTSC etc)
    - Maintain the existing 3.2U

    Is this the correct sequence and am I missing anything else? Has anybody upgraded from JPN > US or JPN > UK successfully.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    As I mentioned in your other thread, I beleive you have eveything covered. As you detailed in this thread, you are goign to need to use the config disc to set the WiiKey region to US setting.


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