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Thread: Problem with Ithians ★ cIOSX Rev19 Released by Waninkoko ★ post.

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    Problem with Ithians ★ cIOSX Rev19 Released by Waninkoko ★ post.

    I have a problem with the first post on that thread, not sure whether its my side or yours.

    The first couple of lines are fine and then the rest is like overlapped by other writing and it also runs into Baboo's post. Tried refreshing my screen and closing web browser but still same problem!

    Anybody having the same problem?
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    Overlapped for me as well.

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    yea same ..thing there was another thread from shadowsonic with text overlapping
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    I noticed that the quote doesn't work

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    It will probably be fixed when the quote thing is. I didn't really put two and two together until stomp said that. I've seen a lot of quote fails today.

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    Yes that is currently happening anywhere the CODE tags are used, messing up nearly all of my guides (check out the wiiflow guide for some real fun). I'm slowly re-writing them all to make up for this error until it gets fixed up.

    I've edited that post, it does not overlap anymore but got a bit longer.
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