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Thread: How do I save a list of games from USB Loader?

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    How do I save a list of games from USB Loader?


    I remember seeing somewhere in USB Loader an option to save to SD card a file showing all my games on a list? I can't see how to do it now, does anyone know anything about this?
    Or is there a way to print a list of my games from USB harddrive?



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    In WBFS Manager, you can export a list of the games on your HDD to a .csv file. Click the link below to see the WBFS Manager homepage and look under the features section. I would guess that you are using WBFS Manager to get your games onto your hard drive??

    WBFS Homepage
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    While running USB Loader. Move your WiiMote hand over the number of games you have loaded. Press "A". I should give you two file choices to save to the SD Card.

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