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Thread: Brick after upgrade.

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    Brick after upgrade.

    Hi everybody,
    I'm very sorry because i didn't know that there was a sub forum for bricked WIIS so i created an other thred in the wrong place.
    i Hope you can help me.
    Hi everybody
    My WII get bricked few days ago after i wanted to upgrade it to 4.1E (i was in 3.4E)
    I followed every step carefully but i think that the IOS's i got from the net were corrupted(IOS 60,IOS 61, System Menu V450, WIISHOP)
    Since that my WII shows a black screen. (Low level brick)
    Fortunately i have BootMii installed as Boot2 without a backup of my Nand, i can access to the Homebrew Channel, but my WiiMote isn't detected(I use a GC controller)
    I have a modchip installed and i bought my WII in the beginning of 2008.
    I inform you that i can launch games using NeoGamma (the WIIMOTE is detected when i launch games) and everything works fine.
    I tried every Tutorial in order to install my system Menu, But i could not solve my problem.
    Please help.

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    Backup and format your sd-card
    Extract to sd:\
    Boot the wii with card in, let the scan run
    Post the cvs report from your card here.
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    I fixed my problem yessssssssssss.
    thank you Wiihacks.
    i found my solution here.
    thanks a lot.

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    Welldone im happy for you! See what a little searching can do!


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