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Thread: Cyclowiz and System Update 4.2?????

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    Cyclowiz and System Update 4.2?????

    Hi all!

    I REALLY would appreciate some help here, because i am completely out of sync with the Wii scene, and i have this old (2008) USA/NTSC Wii modded with a Cyclowiz that i didnt use for almost an year.

    Last week i just decided to bring it up to life, and i got a System Update message. I really dont know if its "safe" to perform this update, because last time i followed the scene news i guess i remember some talk about the latest system update messing with the scrubbed games loading or some other stuff that would stop to work.

    My current System version is: 4.0U

    I basically run back-ups that i only download from here, NTCS and PALs, and just a few scrubbed.

    I also got a "problem" i wish i could get rid off: sometime ago, i got duplicate menu entries for WEATHER and NEWS channel, i guess because of a PAL game i run and that updated something. Is there any way to get rid of these duplicate menu entries??

    As i said, i got a message telling me to update some channels, and to do that i need to update the system. Is it "safe" to do that?? Can it mess up my Cyclowiz funcionalities?

    Can i get some "pro" advice on the matter, please???


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    The duplicate channels can be removed but since I've never encountered them I can't be of much assistance and the 4.2 update will kill your ability to play region free so stay away from it at all costs if you wish to keep region free compatability and the channels that are asking for updates have become outdated.

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    Thank you very much for taking the time and answering my question!

    If you dont mind, i have another couple questions: a few users on the Cyclowiz official forum are attesting that they can still play out-of-region games on their Cyclowiz modded Wii´s AFTER they updated to 4.2. Is that possible????

    I dont want to install any additional channel (homebrew, bootmii, etc) or appz on my Wii. Is there any chance of running the Remove Channel 2.1 WITHOUT installing anything?? The "twilight hack" isnt an option, since it seems like it doesnt install any homebrew channel??


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    If you want to play region free with a 4.2 from what I've read you require something called gecko os which requires homebrew to run.

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    OK, thanks for the reply! But still, users on the Cyclowiz forum claim to be running region free games without any additional application, homebrew, hack or anything to that sort installed on their consoles. Since i havent witnessed anything with my own eyes, i cant attest they are telling the whole truth. I can say that my Wii makes coffee, and you will have to take my word for it!! lghs....


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