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Thread: Black Screen - Have priiloader and nand/key backup - Options?

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    Black Screen - Have priiloader and nand/key backup - Options?


    Not having much luck lately! managed to get the 'corrupt files' problem fixed and sm backup up. carried on with the great tutorial to get things up to 4.1 and updated the ios files as per tutorial as well. Everything seemed ok but after updating the hacks.ini/saving and reboot I just get 4.1(EUR) in the lower right hand corner.

    I can get priiloader (v0.3b r48) to come up and HB can load, so I have run wad man to re-run patched ios60 and then smXXX. (also make sure priiloader gets put back in BEFORE rebooting)

    Obviously as I am writing this I doesn't seem to make any difference.

    I do have a nand backup and key but no bootmii2 option.

    I guess I am on my last chance and so would like to know what my best option (the one with most chance of success to avoid a paperwight) would be. I understand nand restores are favoured only for bootmii2 options but would it work with what I do have?

    I simply cannot believe how much terrible luck I am having with this one!

    I have searched through the forums including ohh sh!!t black screen but I don't want to make things worse and fail simply because I didn't ask the right questions!

    appreciate all help


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    if you have a nand backup you can then flash that back using infectus 2 modchip. Did that so many times I lost count now.
    However it will work and your wii works again. Can you do such a thing yourself as it involves soldering to tiny legs of the nand chip.
    I can do it for you but I doubt that you are near to me...
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    You could just disable the "recovery menu" hack in priilaoder. Be sure no to enable hacks that you don't wish to use. I you don't know what they do, then you don't need them.
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    so I disabled recovery mode and .....hello SM ! thanks very much for the pointer!!!!
    @ erikie Also I think I will get an infectus going forward to save problems.
    So the hacks file was simply copied and pasted from the link in a tutorial, obviously a vanilla flavour that had 'recovery menu' enabled by default. Hope this helps anyone searching the forum for the same problem. If everything worked up until the hacks file was saved then disable 'recovery menu' ( and as mauifrog indicates anything else un-needed)


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