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Thread: bricked wii ?

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    bricked wii ?

    so i belive it was half year ago where i bought a wii. and tried to softmodded it but i only got far as putting the homebrew channel. then i had to install all these things. then it wouldnt boot normal but directly into this menu then i read if i desinstall what i installed it'd come back to normal.
    so i did so. now i just get a black screen on start up

    some1 help?
    i do not know wich version it was but i recall it was 4.XX i belive

    can i recover this?

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    You'll get more help with bricks if you post in the correct section.

    When you power on your wii does your dvd light flash twice quickly or only once?

    Power on again holding the reset button and see if preloader comes up. It's hard to tell what you did to it from your post but it's pretty obvious You Did It Wrong. Post back with answers to those 2 questions.

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    im sry that i posted it on the wrong section.

    wel the dvd light only flashes once,
    i also tried holding the reset button didnt go neither

    i think i deleted the pre-loader..

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    Hate to say it, but your only two options left are savemii:

    or if your wii is VERY old, you might have a vulnerable boot2.

    Your lack of information on what you did does not help matters. It's like telling a doctor you're ill and then expecting him to fix you with out any information on your symptoms.

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    lol. thx for the reply. i'll try to find a savemii. its hard for me to get it, due to i dont live int he US or anywhere close to get one of those. better stick with a new wii. that one of these store have they should be old ones and i think i could mod those :P but that will be next month, adn next time i have to do more research first!

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    You probably uninstalled your system ios, or your system menu. Either of those two are not fixable without boot2 bootmii. Savemii will not work in this case, so don't buy one. Get a gc-controller and try savemiifrii just to be sure, it is the same as savemii and frii. Be sure to read this-

    I suspect you need a new wii, or a trip into the land of NAND programming
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    i think so too i think is the system menu. what i deleted i remember installing the homebrew channel, then had to install all these wierd things from the sd card,
    i just never though modding a wii will be so hard. PSP are way easier:P than this but i'll make sure to read the link u game me and try the holding reset buttom with any usb device like there said, but u also think that it can be fix if i bring my wii to china? by whoever that lives there, note that i live in Caribean now, and im going vacation there in june, so version mayb be differ,
    i live in a island where fixing a wii is also another big problem


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