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Thread: Can i use the Internet Channel with Drivekey?

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    Question Can i use the Internet Channel with Drivekey?


    I Have an American Wii with the 4.1 firmware with the Drivekey, and i really wanted to use the Internet Channel, but when i try to download it in the Shopping Channel, it ask me to make an update. (Don't know if is a firmware update to 4.2, ou just a Channel Update), i really don't mind to upgrade my wii to 4.2 since all my games are NTSC-U. But the question is, can i make this update and also download and use the Internet Channel normally?

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    This will update your firmware to 4.2. I have not done this myself but was helping someone the other day who has drivekey installed and he updated to get some newer games working and he had no problems except he can no longer load out of region games.


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