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Thread: IOS70 not being patched for priiloader?

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    IOS70 not being patched for priiloader?

    I've been following WiiJohn's tutorial on how to install priiloader (for 4.2u Wii). i then downloaded ISO70 patched and I put in my Wad folder in my SD card and installed it using Wad manager. It said the installation was successful but when i ran Signcheck, it said Trucha was disabled for ISO70. I read on here that its supposed to say enabled? Has my ISO70 been patched? Ive run sign check 3 times already and still wont work. (Also, on Wad Manager it has 2 ISO70 patches. One is 1.98 mb and the other is 0mb and starts with _-. Is this normal?

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    That would mean there's two IOS70 files on your SD card then. Wad manager only reports on what it sees on your card. Perhaps put the card in your reader/writer and get it sorted --- make sure the file is patched (where did you source it from? Might re-download and delete those two and then apply via wad manager again).

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    I checked my was folder and there is only one ISO70 file thats 1.98 mb. I even removed just that file and when i put the sd card in the wii and opened wad manageer, both files were gone. I then placed back the IOS70 1.98 mb file o the sd card and opened wad manager and BOTH of them were there! . I got my source from a previous question I asked and many people said the same thing: that if i installed the ISO70 patch , then run signcheck, it would say trucha- enabled. But it says disbabled even when i successfully install the patch. Would i get a different result if I just download the IOS70 patch using DOB-IOS installer on the homebrew channel? Should i do this?

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    Try running syscheck 1.6.1 instead of signcheck. Signcheck gives me false readings sometimes. You can also install a patch70 with DOPMII. I'd be very careful with using this app, its a powerful one. Do some reading up on it, its a very handy tool. It can download, install, and patch pretty much any ios you can think of.
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    signcheck does not work
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