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Thread: Wii Netflix Disc

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    Cool Wii Netflix Disc

    I am rather new to the whole soft mod scene but in today's mail I got my Netflix streaming disc. Being the main reason I even went softmod was due to my Wii scratching circles into my games, I figured I would give this a try. So-
    I inserted the game and loaded Cfg USB loader from home brew
    Then I pressed 1 to dump bca, not sure why but it sounded safer
    then I ripped this tiny game. like a 1/4 gig
    and I can load the netflix streamer and it works of my hard drive, currently watching a movie on it

    The picture quality is not as good as streaming with my hd tivo but it isnt bad

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    just installed it on top of my softmod/4.2u. I received the usual warning that it would cause immediate or delayed inactivation of my system if I had unauthorized modifications. I am currently watching the witches of eastwick and have not yet tried any softmod apps

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    I got the netflix disc today. From the disc channel it asks you to do a system update- but it's not necessary. I was able to use the install game feature on USB Loader GX to save the netflix disc to my external hard drive. It ran from there the first try without doing any updates. I'm using a soft modded wii with 4.1 U system menu. Everything still works fine.

  4. #4, did you find that usb loader gx still mounted games from hard drive even after install of netflix software and acceptance?

    seems like netflix would have a business interest in not alienating a lot of customers, their primary revenue source

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    step by step

    how do you install netflix on sofmodded wii?

    step by step guide

    power wii

    insert disc

    start usb loader gx

    click the + sign in the lower left hand corner

    install game on hd

    launch game as normal

    last step. done

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    This material has been covered before --- see Emuhack's Netflix for Dummies guide here. OP: learn to use the search function in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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