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Thread: Killed 6 Wii Drives in Brick/Repair Attempts

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    Killed 6 Wii Drives in Brick/Repair Attempts

    I bought a bunch of working Wii replacement drives at around $50 each. I've killed about 25% of them immediately after plugging them in and starting them up. They'll spin up and then shutdown forever. Are there any tips to avoid this? I know I can recover about half my money by selling them for parts, but I have no clue what the cause of this is. They seem to happen unpredictably as 75% go in without problems.

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    Is there a problem with your power supply by any chance?

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    I don't think that's the issue, but I'm not sure how to test for that. I've killed them using three different power supplies/surge protectors. Could static be an issue? I just purchased an anti-static wristband, so I'll see if the issue surfaces again. Are the drives salvageable? I'll go ahead and test the fuses to see if they shorted, which I'm hoping is an easy solder job once I buy a bunch of fuses.


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