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Thread: How or is there a way?

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    How or is there a way?

    I am just wondering if there is a way to be able to put the art cover on my external hd and access it without a sd card. . . i don't want to keep my sd card tied up all the time for this is there a way to do this? i have usb loader gx and i don't know if it would be as simple as changing the path in the settings from sd to usb or what i would have to do?

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    well you have to have gx at r874 or above so you can change you custom paths to usb just put the images/covers folder on your fat32 part of hdd and in usb loader gx change custom paths to usb then find the folder with the covers and you ll be set...

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    ok. i can change the custome paths and when i try to load the game it black screens i hear the audio with the game and see the covers but the game will not run. . .. .but if i install the sd card and run it off of my hd it will work fine


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