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Thread: Week 3 Question

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    Week 3 Question

    Alright kiddies, time for round 3.

    This is your chance to answer a question on the Wii which will be posted each week.

    Post your answer here, the answers will be judged by our 'Senior Moderators' Dogeggs and Tealc.
    The person with the nearest answer to the definitive one, will be recognised in a weekly answer post.
    Answers should include any research required, links to software required, and most importantly not be too verbose.

    Post answers only here, this is not a forum to ask questions, or to have discussions, any posts not conforming will be deleted

    I hope you enjoy the challenge and maybe learn something from our revered judges.

    Original idea: Gen3sf
    Judges: Dogeggs and Tealc
    Questions by: WiiJohn and s0ur.

    ================================================== ===================

    Week 3

    How would one go about backing up their legally obtained retail game disc, and what apps on the console would you need to play this backup?

    [remember LEGAL RETAIL DISC, this means that the source is from disc so no torrent or usenet resources to be used]

    Last submissions are to be posted on Sat. April 3rd, new question to be posted Mon. April 5th.
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    Backup Wii Disks:

    1. Register with wiihacks to get the links for the guides that you will need to Softmod your Wii Console: HERE
    2. Navigate your way to the Tutorial Section and pick the guide that suites your Wii FW Version: HERE
    3. After you Completed the Softmod you can load many other goodies to play Wiiware and VC Games
    4. I reconmend that you load USBLOADERGX r815 Channel Version: DL HERE
    5. To load the Channel you need to put the .wad file that you get from the Download in the WAD folder that is on the Root of your SD card.
    5b. Then go into HBC and load WAD Manager and install the r815 .wad file
    6. Exit the WAD Manager and then on the main screen of the wii you will have USBLGX as a channel.
    7. Make sure that you set up your HDD according to this Guide:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen3sf
    Formatting the HDD

    A. Used HDD: a used HDD may have bad or damaged sectors; before proceeding, run the PC Chkdsk /r command. Now that any bad sectors have been marked or fixed, proceed to Step 1.

    B. New HDD: Your HDD will come preformatted for "plug and play" compatibility with a PC:

    1. Plug your Wii HDD into a PC USB port

    2a. From the WinXP: Right click on My Computer> Go to Manage>Click on Disk Management
    2b. From Vista/Win7: Go to Control Panel> Administrative Tools>Computer Manager>Disk

    3. With your disk drive loaded and visible: right click on the Wii HDD and choose to delete either the entire volume or a partition

    4. Right click on new HDD in lower part or graphical portion of window and click New

    5a. Choose to assign a letter to your new drive
    5b. Choose NOT TO FORMAT when you create your new partition [note that you can choose size of partition-you can leave some to create additional partitions later. It is recommended that you create a small FAT32 partition so that the option of running homebrew apps without an SD card is possible. Further, an NTFS formatted partition will allow for files > 4GB.
    5c. Make your new partition PRIMARY and ACTIVE
    8. Once you set up the HDD you can go into the USBLOADER GX and insert your retail disc.
    9. In the Corner there is a + button and it will read the disc that is in the Drive and will ask if you want to install it to the USB Drive
    10. Click YES!
    11. Depending on the wii disk (DL or SL) it will take about 20min to copy to the HDD
    12. When this is done you can now play the wii ISO on the usb drive with out the Disc
    13. You can use many different loader to do this with
    13b. Neogamma - USBLGX (already installed) - Wiiflow (those are my favorite)

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    Backing Up Legal Retail Game Disk

    Getting Started
    1- Create an account, you need to be a member to access the files.
    2- Have a general Idea of what you're about to do, read Softmodding a Wii FAQ

    1- Check System Menu Version - Wii Menu - Wii Settings - Version located on the top right corner ei. 4.2U, (letter depends on the region, U - North America, E - Europe, etc)
    2a- Select the Guide that corressponds to your system:
    2b- New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii : by Dogeggs
    Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii! : by ShadowSonic2

    After successfuly softmodded your system, with homebrew channel installed and neogamma installed, you will need the following:

    *Important make sure you have the following, check this guide Guide: Creating & Recording .ISO files it lets you extract iso from retailed wii disc into your computer*

    3a- Make sure your Wii is not equipped with D3-2 drive seen here it doesn't let you load your game, your only option is to load it from HDD
    3b-If your Wii can read backup disk follow this guide Burning Your Game Backups-part 3, post #2
    3c-After burning your game, run Neogamma, load your game
    You now have succesfully backup your game into a disk

    Launching Backup Games Using Hard Drive
    4a-First see this Guide for WBFS Manager 3.0 To format your HDD to wbfs
    4b-after reading the guide you should now have, a wbfs formatted Hard Drive with games
    4c-Plug in your Hard Drive into your Wii(if Wii is standing up, use port to the left, if Wii flat down, bottom port)
    4d-Launch Neogamma, on the main menu toggle the options by pressing the D-pad, select load from USB, up one level,move left or right to browse your game
    select game by pressing A button.

    Backing Up Legal Retail Game Disk Complete

    There are other usbloader out there, with more options feel free to look it up, here on WiiHacks

    Thanks to:
    ModderMan : for providing useful guides and facts.
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    Power on my Wii.When system menu screen loads go into homebrew channel and load usb loader gx,or load usb loader gx through my forwarder channel.
    You can get usb loader gx here.Once main screen of usb loader gx appears I will click on the + tab on left of screen,then follow prompts and insert my original
    retail disc and when usb loader asks you if you want to install the game to the usb drive I click yes.20 mins later(approx) i'm ready to play the game through usb loader gx on my wbfs formatted external drive.
    To format your drive you will need wbfs 3.0.Get it using modderman's excellent guide here
    If for some reason(I dont know why you would)you want to burn your original game to disc,I would use either Waninkoko's dvd dumper here or super dumper here.
    Once the game iso is on my PC I would burn the iso using imgburn here at 4x speed or lower using verbatim dvd-r discs.I would then insert my backup into my Wii
    and launch the backup using neogamma here
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    My favorite way to backup my retail discs is to use my custom made system channel to gain access to WiiFlow R25. I then pop in my new retail disc, go to the settings menu of WiiFlow, and select the option to copy a game. Once the game is copied to my WD 500 GB external hard drive, I power off my Wii, making sure the hard drive has also powered off. I then connect my hard drive to my pc via usb, open up wbfs gui intelligent, and select the advanced extraction option. I choose to extract from wbfs drive to pc, load up "W" partition (for Wii), scroll through my game list and check the game I just dumped to the hard drive. I normally choose to extract as Ciso (compressed). After about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the game, I have my legal compressed iso on my pc. I usually wait until I have 2 or 3 of them to burn to disc as backups.
    I found WiiFlow here>
    I was able to format my HDD using this guide>
    I was able to create my custom R25 channel using this wonderful guide>
    I used Google to find a wbfs intelligent download.
    The game itself is playable from HDD after dumping it via WiiFlow, or GX for those users who do not use WiiFlow. As far as playing the backup from a disc, It will need to be burned using the preferred ImgBurn at 4X speed or slower if possible. It should be burned to a dvd-r preferred band Verbatim. Once you have burned your backup successfully you will need to use Neogamma to play it. I prefer one of the newer revisions myself. They can be found here>
    All that is left is to enjoy your backup game knowing the original is safe and not getting dropped and scratched up.
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    4.2U / Priiloader / CiosX d2x v6/1TB WD fat32/Wiiflow r415
    Softmod any 4.2 Wii

    Playing Games from USB

    NSMB level editor (Reggie)


    Problematic Games?

    Custom Game Channels

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    Thumbs up How to make and play backup copies of your Wii games

    There are 2 different ways to go about playing backup games.

    1. Install a modchip (AKA Hardmod). They cost some money but are less hassle then a softmod and it is easier to update your system . There are many different hardmods to choose from but I had to pick one I would get a WODE. I will not elaborate on hardmods, if you choose to go this route then do your research and pick one you like. Look in this section of the forum for more info. Here is a list of recommended suppliers/installers.

    2. Softmod your wii. Its FREE!! But it is more complicated and requires a little more care and maintenance then a modchip but the wonderful thing about it is that it's FREE!! and with all the wonderful guides here on almost any noob can have success doing it.

    Softmodding and Backing up your Wii games

    Before you can play backups you have to hack your wii and install Homebrew. Find out what version firmware you have by looking in the wii settings menu and follow the appropriate guide. If you have a 3.1 to 4.1 Wii follow this guide by Dogeggs. If you have a 4.2 Wii the choose either this guide by Messie or this guide by Shadowsonic.

    Now that you have installed homebrew you are ready to start backing up your games. Since there are only a couple of disk drives capable of copying Wii disks and odds are you dont have one I will not bother explaining the process but if you prefer to use your PC to backup games follow this guide for PC or this guide for MAC.

    For everyone else a usb stick or hardrive will be needed. Not all drives are compatible so before you go out and spend your money look at this list. If you choose to play games via usb I recommend a bigger drive (120gb+). If you prefer disk loading, a 16gb thumbdrive will be enough. You will now have to properly format your drive using this guide by gen3sf.

    You will also need a usb loader, you can use the one from any of the softmodding guides mentioned above or pick another one. There are quite a few to choose from but here are the 3 more popular ones. Pick the one you like best.
    USBLoaderGX found in the recommended guides, WiiFlow my favorite and it looks really nice, Configurable USBLoaber has many options.

    Plug your drive into the Wii, start up your loader. Insert one of your original disk in and select the install/add game option either in the settings menu or the open screen depending on your loader. Your game will be copied to your harddrive. You can now play it directly from your usb drive.

    Making and playing backup disk

    If you want to use backup disks instead of usb you will need to a wbfs manager. You can use the one in gen3sfs guide mentioned above or pick one here. Connect your drive to your computer and load it with your wbsf manager. You will see your game on the drive. Select your game and extract it to ISO. Burn the ISO to disk with imgburn and play it with a disk loader like neogamma or softchip. A good quality DVD-R is recommended because it is easier on your drive.

    Enjoy your legally obtained retail backup games!!
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    System Menu 4.2U | Wiiflow 1.1 r28mod
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    Closed due to new question being posted. Awaiting pick for the winner of this week. Good luck to all who submitted!!!

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    And the winner is Emuhack. Another very close run week with some great entries.

    Well done for answering which is probably our trickiest question yet.

    Sorry for lateness of decision but being away for the weekend really throws schedules out of the window.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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