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Thread: So, what now?

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    Ca So, what now?

    I just got into the whole WAD / SD card game.

    Fille dup with a bunch of games I wanted and Im' happy.
    REstart my wii from the wad installer and I get this lovely message telling me my wiis full.

    Now, i've deleted well over 150 blocks of saved memory, and It still tells me my wii is full.

    Now what?
    I thought I couldn't delete channels from the wii system memory so long as I installed them using the wad manager.
    So waht do I do? D;

    I wanted to take off my important saves (mario galaxy, mario kart, etc) but they won't let me copy them.

    So I can't reformat.

    Waht do I do? D:

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    So, I decided to try deleting channels, it worked.


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