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Thread: Help me please

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    Help me please

    Hi All

    right where shall i start ....... firstly i would like to say thank you to anyone that can help !

    iam very new to this sort of thing

    ive bought my HDD as a friend told me to get 1 and he will help now he's to busy :-(

    can someone PLEASE give me a idiot's guide to playing games on my wii via the hdd

    many thanks


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    Firstly your first post should have been in the introductions.
    Secondly your thread title should contain the problem - mods get mad about this... suprised it hasn't been changed as yet.
    and thirdly all the info is availiable via the forum searches.
    Anyway as your new look here:
    There are others on the forums.
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    I guess everyone failed to notice the section this is posted in.

    Forum - Wii Modchips-USB HDD Mods

    It may have somthing to do with USB HDD's but nothing to do with Modchips.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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