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Thread: Help, what modchip do I need?

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    Question Help, what modchip do I need?

    I'm a little puzzled right now about what type of modchip to get.

    I bought my Wii and I don't know what would be the best chip to install on it. I heard the Wiikey was good but I don't know if its compatible and I heard the solderless component (Wii Clip) had problems. So I would like to know whats the best drive chip around that's compatible with my console.

    So if somebody could help point in me in the right direction I would be grateful. I don't want to do any solder work so a Wii Clip compability would be good for the modchip (though I do know somebody who can solder, but I don't know if it's worth taking the risk or just using the darned Wii Clip). So if anybody could recommend me the best type of modchip for my Wii around, thanks!

    Also, retailer recommendations would also be appreciated!
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    Upon further investigation (,, I've found out that my Wii drive has a 100% chance of being GC2-D2C (v1) and it is most likely that my drive pins are not cut (but I'm not sure of the drive pins and what It means or what changes does it do).

    Now I just need to know what modchips are compatible with my console's drive and system version (also, I'm running 3.2U and I don't want to upgrade to 3.3), and what would be the best one for my console? Thanks in advance!

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    According to the Wii Serial tracker -> Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker
    your wii is D2C and WiiKey is not compatible, but you do have the following choices (not in particualar order.

    D2Sun, D2pro9v2, Wasabi2, Wiizard, D2E-A9 (clone of Wasabi)

    All except the D2E-A9, can be bought presoldered to the wii-clip making them a solderless solution.

    You can check the websites of our sponsors for more details and their pricing

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    Thanks for the list!

    I checked up the D2Sun, the D2pro9v2 and the Wasabi2 and Wiizard, and so far I think I liked the D2Sun v3.0 better. Though I heard of the D2CKey which seems good also. Now I need help choosing between these. Though I really like the D2Sun v3, what would be the best modchip you could recommend to me?

    Also, can the D2Sun v3 be upgraded through DVD also (Web site said through USB but I didn't see DVD upgrade option)?

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    Here is the official d2sun web site for complete description

    D2SUN universal 9 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII!

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    The D2Sun v1.31 is just like the d2ckey except is works on all models. No need to upgrade/update like the d2ckey cuz it just works!

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    Hey guys, I think I'm going to get a d2pro 9 v3 cause I found a local person who installs them. Problem is he's charging me 100 for the chip+ installation. Though the chip costs almost 50 + shipping. I guess its kind of fair cause he'd be charging me like 30 or 40 dollars for the soldering work. What do you guys think, should I ask him for a price drop to $80?
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    well find out how good in soldering he is.
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    there making a wii iso loader why would you want a modchip

    p.s wii iso loader loads isos on wii without modchip by waninkoko

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    For Wii iso loader you have to modify the iso with god knows what and you also have to install Waninkoko's useless cIOS and not to mention the quality won't be all that good and modchips are stabler and concrete, also you don't have to go through the hassle of loading it.

    And also, don't trust Waninkoko, he has bricked tons of Wiis before and he's no longer supported by bushing and the rest of the twiizer team (for obvious reasons). He's also not that good of a coder and he provides very little documentation of his applications and most of his apps are quite dangerous.

    Now, back on topic. I think he has good soldering skills since he does a lot of Wii modding and he also mods all the other consoles. Do you guys think it is worth the 100 bucks?

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