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Thread: serious metroid prime trilogy problem :/

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    serious metroid prime trilogy problem :/

    hi. my problem is that when i load the metroid prime trilogy using neogamma r8 and alt dol. then i force pal. my game goes green then resets to the wii menu. i am using an ntsc version of the game but i was told that if i force the settings to pal it would work, any idea?

    any help appreciated.


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    Try forcing ntsc

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    Yes that should display, provided your TV supports NTSC.

    Not all games work by forcing PAL, not sure why. I'm guessing the PAL data must be on the disc for it to work, or something.
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    force pal main.dol

    i am using the ntsc version of the game in ireland so i am on a pal console. i was told this would work and there are reports of it working. When i force pal and load main.dol it loads fine in colour

    If i force ntsc on the dols they all work but in black and white

    but when i load any of the other 3 dols (prime 1,2,3) with force pal it resets my wii and sends me bac to the home screen

    plz help i really love these games

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