Ever want to use your computer as a hotspot? As in for your Wii, DSi, PSP, iPod Touch, or your buddies? Now you can, without Ad-Hoc!

Connectify v1.1
Windows 7 Home Basic or better or Server 2008 RC2
A WiFi device that can use WPA2-Personal AES Encryption OR
A computer that can connect with WEP Encryption (all of them)
A supported wireless adapter card (READ LATER)
An Internet Connection that can be shared

As I said before, I gonna explain how to share your internet connection with your buddies and iPods or ...whatever...else...there is... WITHOUT the use of Ad-Hoc. This can be used to share any form of internet without the use of struggling with a router or a brand new Zydas or Ralink wireless adapter, struggling with a Nintendo WiFi USB Adapter, having certain types of mobile bradband, or having to deal with with devices not compatible with ad-hoc mode. This cannot be used on computers using Windows 7 starter. If you have a command line working, and you hate installing software, scroll to troubleshooting.

Ad-hoc Mode
Ad-hoc is for sharing files and/or internet through COMPUTERS ONLY. Handheld devices don't support ad-hoc mode, sorry. If you have both a WiFi Internet connection and Ad-Hoc mode enabled, you will need two wireless adapters. This is compatible with ALL WiFi adapters.

Access Point Mode
Access Point mode is used share files or internet through devices that support WPA2-Personal(PSK) AES Encryption. Only some WiFi adapters can support this mode, so read the article above about this. If your WiFi adapter is not listed in the Working or Not working list, you may want to still try this out, as long as it is fully working with Windows 7. Not all devices can support this, including the DS Lite. The DSi can use this, but only for DSi features. This clones your WiFi adapter and uses it to share the Internets.

First, you need to make sure your internet connection is shareable, only if you want to share internet. If you just want to share files, skip this.
1) Go to Control Panel>Network & Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Change Adapter Settings.
2) Right Click the device you connect to the Internet and go to Properties.
3) Check to see if the sharing tab is there, and you can share your net.
Once you have done the command line, go to the sharing tab of your Internet connection. Enable sharing, and select "Wireless Internet Connection 2" or something similar. You can now FREELY share your internet without software.

If you can't share your net, but you have a wireless adapter, it should still work. If you can't share your net, and don't have a wireless adapter, get one. If have an unsharable mobile broadband device, you are screwed.

How to share files and internet:
1) Download and install the Connectify software.
2) The connectify software should show anerror in the toolbar, with a tooltip bubble.
3) Double click the toolbar icon. Type a name (SSID), 8-63 character password(WPA2), and select your internet connection.
4) Click Start Hotspot. It takes a minute to start, but it will eventually.
5) Try to make sure you have the right mode you want.

Mode Settings:
If you want to share files, but not internet select Ad-Hoc.
If you want to share internet and/or files with ONLY computers, use Ad-Hoc.
If you want to share internet and/or files with handheld devices and/or computers, select Access Point mode.

If there is issues use a more basic and Aero-oriented software called Virtual Router or the command line (need admin privileges).

Type in this:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyNet key=MyPassword
Change 'ssid=MyNet' to something you like, and enter a password where it says 'key=MyPassword'.
Then type this in:
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
If that doesn't work, you probably don't have a working wireless adapter, an unsharable internet connection, windows 7, or some other issue. I'd contact Connectify if you are having trouble.

This is my guide, and it originated on a rom site, which I doubt can be posted here.