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Thread: need help on dstti for nintendo dsi

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    need help on dstti for nintendo dsi

    i have a dstti adaptor.
    what kind of software should i install in there so i can play game on my dsi.\
    please help anyone.

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    You'd notice you need a microSD Card for your flashcart. On the microSD. You should put your flashcart's firmware. Download it from here:
    DSTT Downloads | DSTT DSTTi, flash cart

    Unzip the file you downloaded. You should get a system folder and maybe a .nds file. Place them on your SD Card. Place any NDS games you want on the MicroSD also. Then insert the MicroSD into your DSTT and then enjoy!

    Remember the SD Card needs to be properly formatted to FAT to play.

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    thankyou for your help.
    i will try and see if it is work.

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    i extracted the file and load it to my microsd and some ds rom games, but it is still not working.
    oh i create a file name it games and i load all the game in there.
    i did flashed the microsd too.
    please help.


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