The m3i team has released another update for their products!

Change Log of 24-3-2010 4.8 x
1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4765,4781,4786,4787,4788,4809,4810,4821
2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4764,4768,4770,4781,4783,4786,4787,4788,4797,4807,4809,4810,4821
3.Fix the compatibility of game 4603,4764,4768,4770,4781,4783,4786,4787,4788,4789,4797,4800,4807,4809,4810,4812,4821

(game tested up to 4821)

For those who are wondering, I can confirm that the compatibility with Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold has been improved/fixed.