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Thread: Snes9x-GX: Can it use the motion/tilt for Steering?

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    Snes9x-GX: Can it use the motion/tilt for Steering?

    I have looked hard with perhaps the wrong wording in my queries, regardless I have not seen this discussed in detail: can I use the 'Wii Wheel' to play games like Super Mario Kart and F-Zero in this SNES emulator for the wii? I dislike the idea that I can use the Wiimote like the Superscope in games like Yoshi's Safari (which are retardedly easy and unenjoyable) yet I can't figure out how to just play Mario Kart as if it were the new Wii version. If someone can indeed confirm, are there any plans to implement this in the future?

    Thank you for your help

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    i play the old mario kart in snes emulator with motion/tilt

    edit: was wrong it was wii64 emulator that gives motion/tilt
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    what controller/button mapping configuration do you use?


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