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Thread: Red Steel 2... horrible skipping during videos/cutscenes

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    Red Steel 2... horrible skipping during videos/cutscenes

    of course i'm playing off disc, it's mainly the audio but u can tell the video is stuttering aswell since the slower read spead of backups.

    tried 2 different neogamma's and same result.

    updated my ios53 an that of course didn't help.

    could it just be the game ? i don't think it's a bad burn or anything like that, just seems the normal 3x reading hicups but alot worse than it should be.

    i don't think everyone is expierencing it this bad, so i'm thinking it must be something wrong right ?

    any ideas or is there unfortunately no way to remedy this ?

    thanks for any help.

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    it would be the disc reading try if you havent verbatim or taiyo yuden dvd-r or try usb playing


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