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Thread: Big problem, realy need HELP

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    Big problem, realy need HELP

    First of all sorry for my english (I'm still learning ) I wanna to say i'm n00b in these things.
    Ok first things first:
    Few days ago I bought a Wii, for my little sister, with wiikey (i think its ver.1) and softmode. Accidently I delete neoGamma from wii channels and i thought I can easy install it once again. a read a tutorial on local www site and i made format wii, update firmware to 4.2 and start to install softmode. but the result was an errors and suspends consol. Now I know that I made a big mistake. I should clear the old softmode first. i have no idea what should I do now. I am in deep shit, my sister crying, becouse she can't play. only two games are launching: tiger woods and dead space. On a few I got info: Wii system update. can't play other games, for example: sims, virtual tennis and many many others.
    My question is: what should I do?
    I think i have to clear the consol, then downgrade to 4.1 (?) , config the wiikey with config CD and and then make the softmode.
    Am I right? In my opinion is something wrong with wiikey.
    In the end I should stay in 4.1, or update to 4,2?

    Me and my sister will be very grateful for your help

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    before doing anything, I suggest reading this section RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS
    get as much info you can about wii and softmodding. all answers for all your questions is there you just have to search it, people have posted same problem as you before
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    If you updated to 4.2, you will have to resoftmod using one of the 2 guides for softmodding any 4.2 wii. Also 4.2 blocked tour chips ability of playing out of region games. You will need to use backup loadersfor that now.
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