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Thread: SSBB error

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    SSBB error

    Hey guys, i got a problem with SSBB...
    I've searched already on google, or and almost everywhere says that the "Error 001" is soluted by updating WiiKey for 1.9s version and i've done this already, and it seens to be ok with the update.. I've updated the Wii before... My Wii is unblocked and the game is not original... So.. anyone know how to help me? what should I do? May I change the disk?

    Ps. The error now is "An error has occured, please eject the disk and turn off the console"(something like that) it doesn't have any error code to specify to you..


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    Is the SSBB the single layer version or the dual layer?

    if its single layer and your wii is at 3.3 version then you will need GeckoOS to load the game.

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    Hmm.. i really don't know, and my wii is version 3.3u, if i'm not wrong.. i'll try to download this program

    edit: how do i install this? i have to burn it in a dvd?
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    You would need the Homebrew channel installed first. Check out the following guide.

    But it is easy to tell if you have Single layer version or Dual layer version, just check your DVD that has the game, what does it say, Eg DVD-R or DVD+R 4.7GB (singlae layer) or DVD-R DL 8.5GB (Dual Layer) ?

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    oh, so it's single xD

    will check this guide

    thx =)

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    wiikey's are old, get a d2e a9

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsm View Post
    wiikey's are old, get a d2e a9
    sorry, but i'm noob at this subject xD
    what i have to do? what are the benefits using this one?


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