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Thread: Weird Wii Update & Rock Band 2.

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    Weird Wii Update & Rock Band 2.

    So, I went to play some Rock Band 2 last night, put in the disk and then got to the main channels, and for some reason it was asking me to update my Wii. I thought, OK. That's strange because there shouldn't be an update because I had previously run the game as normal, and I thought it would have an update on the disc if I needed to, but I didn't before.

    I then load up the game via NeoGamma so I didn't have to update. Apon about to play my DLC songs that I LEGALLY bought with Wii Points, it said that the DLC was out of date, and that I had to re-download them.

    Is this meaning, when Nintendo or whoever the [DELETED] it is doing these updates, does that mean I have to re-download all 10 of my DLC songs 1 by 1 to play them again?

    I just don't understand the update that I need to do that it says I have to do, because I shouldn't need the latest version to play the game. I didn't before.

    Anyone got any news on what this update actually was and what it involved?

    I don't want to update it, just incase it updates my Wii to 4.2, but then.. it could just be some Rock Band 2 update only, and this might not have to make me re-download all my DLC games again.
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