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Thread: Help, stuck wii not bricked

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    Help, stuck wii not bricked

    I'm not a newb really infact i've really gotten used to this softmodding but since i have 4.1U i wanted to downgrade to a 3.X version to see if NeoGamma would work seeing as i'm getting the 1101 disc read error. But that's beside the point.

    either way i wanted to downgrade my wii system version it so i got an ios downgrader, now my wii kinda lockedf itself down after i downgraded it, no channels work and nothing on HBC works but i can still go to Bootmii (i dont have a nan backup). i have priiloader so i tried putting stuff on my SD card like wad manager to run it from there. it doesn't work either. when i mean doesn't work, the controller disconnects and i get a black screen freeze and have to reset. But i'm thankful that it's not bricked i can go to the main menu, but i can't even play legit wii games

    So i'm out of ideas i'm thinking of using a legit system update seeing as it comes with all the Ios'es so maybe i can downgrade from there. Any ideas?

    EDIT: oh and to add to that, my downgrade didn't complete because i needed to do the final step by going to any region changer and finally downgrading it from there. but when i tried to open region changer, i get these black frozen screens that require restart. so it all happened after it used the ios downgrader.
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    Extract to sd:\
    Click sd icon on main channel menu
    load boot.dol
    scan the wii, create report on sd
    Use ios249
    Install ios35 without patches, new version
    Install ios36 with patches, new version

    Test your apps and such
    Post the cvs report from the card here.
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