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Thread: Wode precautions

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    Wode precautions

    I have a Wode and I'm not for piracy just like the next guy, having said that if one were to be ill advised to d/l games from newgroups or torrents is there any risk to their wii, lets say a new wii with 4.2U. If you have an ISO that may have been patched (don't know what that means really) and you go online can it be detected.

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    Well from what I managed to understand you asked if it was safe to play a downloaded iso which in itself is fine as long as the source has confirmed its working and when you say something has been patched im assuming your refering to New Super Mario Bros. which many people have released with patches to fix the error the bca caused.

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    I thought I read some games can be patched to be region free, and if I were to aquire one of those patched ISO and go online could nintento detect it?

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    No. ..............
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    Quote Originally Posted by janthem View Post
    I thought I read some games can be patched to be region free, and if I were to aquire one of those patched ISO and go online could nintento detect it?
    Region free game pacthes are never to be trusted unless they are confirmed to be working and no Nintendo wont be able to detect such a thing but due to the region code being changed it COULD cause problems if the game supports online.

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    really didn't think his question had anything to do with wode in particular...should haVE been in a different section?, right?

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    Yeah but what ya gonna do when people cbf trying?

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    WODE does not really like patched, scrubbed or games that are not 100% 1:1 dumped version of the originals. For that reason there is no support of cISO games.

    The majority of issues from users on the support forum about games that do not work, have ultimately been down to two issues. The first not having read the user manual and therefore not setting their WODE up correctly. The second has relevance to the original question here. Namely the games have been sourced on-line or from a buddy and have not been a clean 1:1 copy of the original game. Most scene release groups will state if the game is a full ISO dump and there are no problems playing those ISO games. It is mainly the independent up loader that has a modified game which will work with a specific softmod or hardmod and has fundamentally changed the game ISO. Again the more responsible uploader will state tested to work with this or that loader method. However many folk just see the game title and do not read beyond that. Or even worse they go for the download that is the smallest to save time.

    WODE is not like other hardmods or softmods. It does not make any changes to the Wii code at all. So for best results a perfect copy, a 1:1 dump is best.

    Hope that helps mate.


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