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Thread: Nintendo Celebrating Launch of DSi XL with Giant Sandwiches

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    Nintendo Celebrating Launch of DSi XL with Giant Sandwiches

    Seems Nintendo has been celebrating the launch of DSiXL by sending various organizations giant Sandwiches. Nintendo showed at Joystiq's Offices with a brown bag. In that brown bag was DSi XL along with two ten-foot sandwiches. Kotaku also received the same treatment but instead five-foot sandwiches.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoyStiq
    We didn't know what to expect when Nintendo of America showed up to the Joystiq offices with a brown paper bag. On the bag was a "guest check" featuring one Nintendo DSi XL and one "XL sandwich." When we opened the bag we only found Nintendo's new hardware (which we'll be giving away soon, of course!).

    So where was our sandwich? And how big could an XL sandwich be? Two men carrying two ten-foot subs walked up the stairs and plopped it in front of us. Looks like Joystiq's current NYC representatives -- Andrew and Ludwig -- will have a pretty significant lunch to eat today

    Quote Originally Posted by Kotaku
    A delivery man just brought this to my door. Inside, a DSi XL for reviewing. But what he left in his truck was more interesting.

    "I've got a five-foot sub for ya," he said smiling.

    For me???

    You know how I love my sandwiches, especially when they are subs delivered to my home. Was this guy angling for an internship at Kotaku? No, turns out that Nintendo wanted to include an XL sandwich with their DSi XL.

    The note said something about sharing with friends and colleagues, but when it comes to over-sized subs I have neither. Besides, Totilo is off today and Mike and Mike are on opposites of the continent.

    I know what I'll be eating this week

    Source(s): Kotaku and JoyStiq

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    man Im hungry now... I think I like the sandwiches more than I like a new DS console (4 types of DS's... c'mon)

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    Fun =)

    But I bought a DS XL and I'm dissapointed (again) about the quality of the screens.
    And I'm not talking about the menu and games being upscaled to fit on a bigger screen.

    Nintendo should go on and leave the DS familly behind: we want more power, memory, and possibilities with a higher resolution!
    Or we will all finish with a iTouch in our pockets.


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