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Thread: need some advice on a burnt game please

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    need some advice on a burnt game please

    hi there i just burnt a game called racquet sport. I used verbatim -r and 4x speed and i have a hard modded wii with a drivekey. When i load up the game it asks me to update in order to run the game. last time i updated it took me to 4.2 and made it so i could only play ntsc games. So for starters would it be safe to update to play this game?
    Also would the wii scrubber take this update away possibly? thanks in advance for any answers as i know you are all busy.

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    I had same problem but someone introduced me to a program called wizzle dizzle shizzle and takes all the updates and patches it to your region to so should never have the problem.

    also believe if you have preloader on you can actually change the settings so it never asks for an update but am no expert but im sure i did it this way.

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    i do not have a pre-loader. only hard mod. i just don't want to 1. Brick my wii 2. Patch the hard mod by mistake. Like I said I already ruined some of my wii by accepting an update to 4.2. im afraid that anymore updates will block the chip all together.

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    never mind i risked it and everything works out fine.

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    You took update 4.2 with drivekey installed?

    Remember to give thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJMic View Post
    You took update 4.2 with drivekey installed?
    No. I has issues with the old softmod that i had before i bought the chip. I had deleted all the whole softmodding stuff in hopes to reinstall it but i frigged it up and somehow updated to 4.2. So I bought a chip. I guess the 4.2 update blocks wii games from other regions then the one your wii was made for. So I can only play ntsc specific games. I don't know if there is a program that changes regions of backup games but if there was id love to know about it. I could increase my games by alot due to the fact that PAL games are way more common to get.


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