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Thread: New Wii User a little question

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    Us New Wii User a little question

    I just got a BRAND new WII today.. 9/15/2008

    ok.. this is what i learned so far..

    -in order for the wii to play iso games, i need a modchip, install into my game..
    -since im a noob my best modchip to get is the D2Pro9v2
    -But since i probably have the NEWEST Wii Modchip would be D2Pro9v2 or better.. My best bet is to buy a pre-Soder chip so i dont mess anything up..
    -I have to manually open up my Wii in order to install it..
    -My with the D2Pro9v2 i can install new firmware and keep it up to date..
    -the D2Pro9v2 is the newest ModChip

    My question is is all that i know so far good or true..?
    If i install the ModChip in will i be able to take it off if i dont want it..?
    If I carefuly read the Tutorials i will have a slim chance of breaking the wii..?
    Is there ANY other IMPORTANT info i need to know before i begin this hacking process..?

    Just got the wii from GameStop.. (last one that was out)
    So its one of my biggest Treasure so far i dont wana break it

    THANK YOU for reading my many question >.<

    i can help you guy with PsP's >.<

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    Hi tinnguyen123, welcome to the WiiHacks community.

    Most of what you have said is correct, but you do have a choice of modchips along with the d2pro9 (which is the most popular). But if you take a look at the following post/thread, you see your other choice except one that is not mentioned which the D2Sun.

    If you install the chip using Wii-Clip then Yes you can easily take it off.

    There is always risk involved when modding anything, so in this arena its always "Do at your Own risk", but keep in mind that many people have done it some successfuly some with issues that they had to resolve. So look in the modchip section and read about the types of issues people have had and the solutions so that you will be prepared.

    You can take a look at the following guide for the whole process.

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    but i like simplicity + good quality.. which chip should i buy..? i dont mind spending much cuz its a 1 time payment >.< Its better then buying hundred of game

    and yes im planning to install the Wii Clip in i wana replace anotehr mod chip if they do comeout some nicer quality ModChip...
    Hey Since my Wii is like Brand New it has to be D2C kinda chip right..? or how can i check..

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    Use your Wii Serial number to check against the info in the following thread, also check the Wii tracker link. If you just bought it, it will most likely be D2E.

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    what do you mean Wii Tracker link...

    so even with the newest D2E chip.. im supost to buy the D2Pro9v2..? cuz i think its the only one that can be mod into the wii for right now right..?

    ok.. i just found this thread.. 0_0 on the sticky..

    so its TRUE.. we will be able to play wii's iso without mod chip..?
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    Wii tracker link was in the first post of the thread for which I gave the link. But here is the link for the wii tracker -> Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker

    No you don't have to buy D2Pro9 for D2E, you have other options, if go to the links I provided it gives you all your options, here is the link again ->

    Yes its true that a iso loader is being developed and is currently in its early stages. It is currently not available to the general public and no one knows when it will be made available. You really need to spend some time reading as all that information is in the thread you linked.

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    dont get a modchip there making a wii iso loader

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    lol of course i wont but im so ancious to get it though.. oh no matter what i still need the zelda game huh..? twilight princess so i can hack huh..?

    quick question too can i use a 34mb memory chip to load the hack..? cuz on the stickies it say 2gb or lower iono if mine is enough..

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    I wouldn't hold my breath for the iso maker. From what I heard, you have to modify the image inorder to play it and you can never go online or take an update. If you are on a budget, get yourself a budget chip and join the modding community. Being cheap won't pay in the end.

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    no im totally fine with the modding idea.. but i dont wana risk ruining my Wii.. its so precious >.< i kidna wana wait things out to see what's guna happen.. cuz someone out there will figure a way to crack the wii so we all can play iso without modding + it will be upgradeable hopefully..

    the DS are like that + the PsP too ..

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