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Thread: My idea for ultimate wad injector

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    Question My idea for ultimate wad injector

    I have tried injecting roms into wads way too many times and always fails, is that a shame?

    I am suggesting a hole new type of wad injection software, but here is the problem before you can inject a rom into a wad, you have to extract a rom from wad.

    I am suggesting that someone take wad files using every single emulation that is on Virtual Console because if you can inject and replace one rom with another then that means that the key to emulating them all correctly lies within those wad files. Instead of a rom and an emulator being seperate programs, in these wads their merged togethor.

    After you extract the roms from the wads then you will just have these empty wads and then it's your job to fill them with any single rom of your choosing using the software that is to be used specificly with the empty wads.

    Does that sound like it can work?

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    that sounds tough and you sound brave.

    i always thought a self booting homebrew emulator with one rom in it would take much less blocks than the vc titles. Any thoughts on that?

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    I think depending on the size of the rom, subtract that rom the size of a full wad and there you have Nintendo's emulating software so unless something was added to one of them old NES games like online multiplayer, then it should take up just as much space as it does on system as it would the real .wad version but if you could add in a title frame then rewrite the instruction manuals then you should have something similar.

    This is all because what the wad emulator does that no other console emulator can't do besides the XBLA and PSN is to upscale the image to 480p. Because you have to think about this, when Nintendo finally replaces the wii with what I think will be an HD system and it has it's own download service then it might upscale the game to 1080p like wad 2.0 then you might have something that takes up even more space.

    My idea just sounds better then anything else put out there so now all we need is are a few of those emulation experts from Teksheen to see if they can make it happen.

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