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Thread: Arikado (DOP-IOS Mod, DOP-Mii) Takes Scam Sites Head-On and Lives to Blog about it

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    Arikado (DOP-IOS Mod, DOP-Mii) Takes Scam Sites Head-On and Lives to Blog about it

    For some time now, Arikado and Daco (Priiloader) have been attempting to take down one of the more popular homebrew scam sites, myhomebreware. For those who don't know about them, sites like this prey on the ignorance and innocence of the average joe looking to get their Wii softmodded. They offer a spectacularly over-embellished front page rife with promises of Wii-hacking glory from their illustrious, one-of-a-kind guides (which coincidentally cost $29.99).

    Selling a guide to people in and of itself is perfectly legal, and moral so long as the guide is original. But sites like these also make specific claims about offering the necessary software only after membership is purchased. The problem here is that they're selling the very homebrew we all use on sites like Wiihacks, GBATemp, Google Source, etc. on a daily basis, which are intended to be available free of charge.

    So what Arikado and Daco have been attempting to do is take on sites like this by legal means, going specifically after the site's violation of the GPL (General Public License). Here are some excerpts from his blog:

    I was tired of seeing so many people complain about these illegal homebrew selling scams so I decided to see exactly how hard it is to take one down. With Daco's (the guy who made Priiloader) help, we quickly found a site illegally selling an old version of Dop-IOS MOD (now known as DOP-Mii).

    Almost never does any one person run a website alone. Usually, they use a service to host the website. And in this case, they also used a service to sell their product on the site ... With luck, one of these parties would stop the website at least temporarily.

    Daco, who has a knack for things like this, looked into it and made a startling discovery. The server was being run through a proxy service! This means that the proxy server would only give us fake information in lieu of the real information. Daco figured out the service they were using (again, he has a knack for this) so I fired off a letter to them to see if I could get them to stop supporting the site.
    And a short from one of his letters to the lawyer defending the scam site, outlining ALL of the software being sold without permission:

    4.The Dop-IOS MOD software which I am an owner of and represent is being infringed upon by the sale of it without my consent which violates the GPL. Furthermore, here is a list of other software which I do not represent but is illegal to sell:
    • HackMii Installer owned by HackMii
    • IOS38-64-v3610.wad copyrighted by Nintendo
    • NeoGammaR7.wad which contains code inside it's banner copyrighted by Nintendo and an executable copyrighted by WiiPower
    • USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad which was created and licensed under Xuzz's Ramblings and WADder News
    • USB_Loader_GX-ULNR-r688.wad which contains a banner copyrighted by Nintendo
    • Installer program for cIOS rev 14 which is copyrighted and licensed under the GPL by Waninkoko
    • Homebrew Browser which is copyrighted by teknecal
    • Bannerbomb which is copyrighted by Comex
    So what was the result? Arikado did manage to get the site to edit their homepage, finally admitting the software was available elsewhere and provide links to their actual sites of origin, albeit it's all hidden in a sea of propaganda and sales pitch after sales pitch.

    Ultimately what we all need to do to fight scam sites like myhomebreware, and brewii, and all the rest is to spread the word that paying for homebrew is EPIC FAIL. If you find sites which are selling homebrew and passing it off as their own, you can email the designers of that software to let them know. They have the legal right to contact the ISP of the offending page and make a request to have it shut down.

    If you see one of these apps being sold, send an email to: - Team Twiizers (HBC, Twilight Hack, Hackmii Installer) - Arikado (DOP-IOS Mod, DOP-Mii)

    If you'd like to read more, you should definitely check out Arikado's Blog.

    Source: Arikado's Blog, "My Turn: I Try to Stop a Wii Homebrew Scam Site"
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    Haha thats awsome news... nice up! i love it when i hear of these arseholes being taken down, lets get more of them took down

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    Well its good to see they're making an effort to get such things removed.

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    It was one of the first sites that came up when I was first doing my research on modding my wii. A good thing that I'm a cheap s.o.b cause I found wiihacks when looking for a free version of what they offered. I'm glad that they are taking a hit, I can't stand anuses like that preying on the ingorance of newbies. It is the web and I guess iit is to be expected. I guess the more often we talking about hacking your wii for free the better chance a newb has of finding good sites wiihacks and gbatemp.

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    Surprisingly enough, the first thing you learn when you google for wii hacks is these scam sites. At the time I was inquiring into the wii scene, at first I thought "hey, there is a good deal!!". Yet it was not..

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    Those web sites aren't the only ones selling homebrew etc. i found a guy selling it on ebay not too long ago. He wanted $50. But if I paid $99 he would put all this extra stuff on my Wii as well. He called it an "upgrade kit" I'm sure alot of people have fallen for that one. Not a good thing to charge for something that is free here on this site and the other like it.
    i always wondered how many people had problems after one of this guys mod jobs....

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    I first learned of Homebrew from a site that didn't explain things very well and ended up bricking my Wii. I then looked up a way to fix it and claimed to have a help staff and antibricking software and so on. I thought to myself, "Self, this is the answer to your problem. People who are really into this stuff and are experienced. They should be able to help and the software they provide should unbrick your Wii." I was excited.

    I knew that HomeBrew was a free app but I didn't realize that the rest of the software they were offering was free as well. I bought into the scam.

    As it turns out, the only thing they were offering was a video tutorial and links to the downloads. There was no customer support and no magic fix.

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