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Thread: Verifying backup

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    Verifying backup

    Hi guys,
    I am new here. Just got my WII.

    I burned a copy of zelda from my friend using Benq 1620 to install the homebrew. I managed to see the game and start the game on the WII.

    How can i verified my backup with the original source? Does it mean that if i can start my backup DVD on Wii, it is working fine?

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    Hi ant, Welcome to the WiiHacks community.

    I assume you already have your Wii modded as you were already able to play the backup. There is a Verify option on the ImgBurn app that can verify the image, other than that put the disc in the wii and see if it works .

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    thx jbloggs!

    I will take note of this..


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