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Thread: Problem with SSBB.

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    Problem with SSBB.

    Hello, how are you all? I was hoping that someone could be of assistance, here is the issue at hand. I've had my nintendo wii for maybe 1 week now, got it modded with a drivekey mod. Have been playing numerous games with no issues at all. Today I downloaded SSBB, I noticed the size was like 8 gigs so I ran to the store and bought myself a pack of Verbatim DL DVD+R, they did not have any DL DVD-R, I looked everywhere! I did some reading, followed instructions, they say to set the layer break too 2084960, so that's done. I wrote at 2.4x. So, when I put it into my Wii, it appears in the channel menu, I click on it to start the game, it shows the SSBB splash screen, then it displays "Create a new save file for SSBB", I click yes, so a pop up comes up and says "If you choose to continue, you will not be able to save. You also will not be able to access the Nintendo Wii WFC menu.", so I click continue without saving, and it just brings me back to the WII menu. I can't find any solutions online, I read everywhere, has anyone had this issue before? Could it really be because it's DL DVD+R? I'll have to order some online if no one has managed with a DVD+R. Thanks for any kind of help, very much appreciated.

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    I've not had this problem myself but have read about this on a few occasions now and I do believe it has to be dl - r disc. I've also read of a few poeple using none verbatim discs and it not working so i would go for the Verbatim dl - r disc.


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