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Thread: No Picture or Sound Issue

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    No Picture or Sound Issue

    Hey all,

    I have a wii that has no picture or sound when i turn it on. I had homebrew installed on the wii and my sisters boyfriend put in a game that made him update the wii. Ever since then i havent been able to find a solution to my problem of no picture or sound.

    Any suggestions to unbrick my wii?


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    Hold reset when you power on and see if preloader comes up.

    When you power on again after checking for preloader, see if the disc light flashes twice quickly. If it does then you have bootmii installed as boot2.

    The info you gave is a little sparse. What system menu were you on, and what game was it? Even if the game was out of region it would only be a semi brick if my logic is working right and you would still be able to get something. Check for those two and report back.

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    When i hold reset and power it on nothing happens, and also the disc light only flashes once.

    I know the info i gave was a little spare, that is cuz i dont really remember what all i had on my wii since i havent used it in a while due to school. The game was Madden 10 from what i was told, and it was a north american game on a north american wii. I cant remember what menu i was on but i remember i downgraded to an older one when i did home brew.

    Im kind of a newb to this hacking stuff for consoles (i work on pc's most of the time).

    If the info i cant remember is crucial then maybe im sol, but any suggestion is worth a try at this point.



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    I would suggest getting a game cube controller and trying savemiifrii. Tealc and mauifrog are better at bricks than I am, so give that a shot and report back.

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    I am unfamiliar with savemiifrii,what exactly is it and how does it work? i do have a gamecube controller though

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    Pretty much you hold down all for directions on the controller (L, R, U, D) on your d pad and start up. This will bring up recovery menu if you have it. There might be a pin you have to remove in order to hold down all directions.

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    I think you disk just upgraded you to a stubbed ios. You probably downgraded from 4.0 to 3.2, the the game probably updated you to 3.4. Since ios50 would be stubbed, your wii would be a full brick.

    I am just guessing, but if that is the case there is little you can do. Send it to Nintendo, or explore the possibility of reprogramming the nand.
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    did you try switching on your wii with the wii mote already? It is not likely but it could be a faulty bluetooth module.
    Otherwise if your wii is an older one then you can flash bootmii into the first blocks of the nand with a nand programmer. However this will only work on boot2 bootmii compatible wiis ...
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