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Thread: Best Softmod/HBC/HDD strategy for 4.2U Wii + v1 WiiKey?

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    Best Softmod/HBC/HDD strategy for 4.2U Wii + v1 WiiKey?

    I've got a launch day Wii (dunno model) that a friend installed a Wiikey v1 into. Backup discs don't work great, so I'd like to try USB HDD instead. I'm running 4.2U now, without HBC or any softmods.

    1. Is this still the best guide for setting up a Wii HDD?

    2. recommends using either messie's or ShadowSonic2's guides for softmodding 4.2. Which one will work best for me? Is there another guide that I should consider?

    3. Will all of this work fine even though I've got a Wiikey? I'd rather not remove it.


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    1. Sure

    2. You can use either guide. No other guides you should consider all guides on this site are safe and work better then other websites. I'd recommend you use messies guide.

    3. Yes, don't remove your Wiikey. It actually can work with the softmod and you'll have a "fully" unlocked wii. So of course you can follow the softmod tutorial for 4.2 and keep your wiikey in it.

    Hope this helps!

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

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