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Thread: Nunchuk help :S

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    Nunchuk help :S

    Hey guys,

    i'm playing force unleashed right now and there's one part i have to open a door by holding Z to charge up the force and then thrust the nunchuk forward to blast it, but when i thrust it or do anything with it nothing works... I also had trouble occasionally while playing Twilight princess when you have to waggle the nunchuk to do the spinning attack... The buttons and control stick work perfectly fine on it but for some reason whenever i have to thrust the nunchuk or something, it never works... is my nunchuk busted or something?

    EDIT: Alright so there's a move called Force Push, which requires basically the same thing to do (thrust nunchuck forward), but when i go to the tutorial mode and then go to force push... he starts doing force push by himself constantly, im not even doing anything/moving the nunchuck and he's doing it constantly... I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the nunchuck, tried reconnecting the wiimote, turning off the power, resetting and almost everything else i could think of but it still does that... The game is a back up copy if that matters..
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    Could it be the burn or the image?
    I've tried everything for the past hour and still it's doing it ..

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    does ur nuncuck work fine with wii sports?( the original) if it doesn't then the problem is with ur nunchuck.
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    Yah, it works perfectly fine with my other games (Twilight Princess,Wii sports, etc) ...

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    then it is a bad burn probably or a bad image.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smasher164 View Post
    then it is a bad burn probably or a bad image.
    but i don't understand how that can be... i mean why would it only effect the force pushing , and leave everything else working perfectly fine other than that?

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    Okay, well guess what =\
    I took the exact same disk to my friends wii and it works perfectly fine on his... no screw ups with the nunchuck force pushing ... ?? can anyone help me figure out how to fix this on mine? It makes no sense... it doesn't screw up in any other game... PLEASE help i've been waiting for this game so long >_>

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    Alright, so i've come to the conclusion that it's my nunchuck that's messed up... which is odd cuz it works fine in every other game ... =\ I tried hitting my nunchuck a couple of times (like punching it), and then sometimes it stops force pushing, all sorts of things happen when i hit it at different times. I hit it once then it goes back to the way it should be, then after a while it screws up again and when i hold the nunchuck straight, it registers it as a forward thrust or something but when i hold it on the side (control stick pointing to the left) its as if im holding the nunchuck normally, how it should be held. So when i hold it with the control stick pointing to the left it registers it as im holding it normally and when i hold it normally it registers it as if im thrusting it... Also, when you get to the boss there's a quick-time-event where you have to align the nunchuck with the outline of a nunchuck on screen, but when i twist the nunchuck around to fit the outline of the one on the screen, my nunchuck doesn't move to align with the outline of the position im supposed to have it in...

    This is all weird since my nunchuck works fine with all the other games, except for this one. It cant be a bad burn or a bad image cuz the exact same disk works on my friends wii perfectly fine... So what i'm trying to figure out is, do i need a new nunchuck? And how come it's only messed up in this game? Is there anything i can do to fix it?


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    Did you take your nunchuck with you to use it with your firend's wii (and possibly use it with his game game disc) to confirm if it actually is the nunchuck?

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    No i haven't, but i'm borrowing my friends nunchuck today to see if it will play properly.. i'll tell you what happens.

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