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    I ordered a WODE from modchipcentral on 3/18 and I never received an email confirmation from them. The money was taken from my account immediately, and when I checked the site on Saturday it was down. Anyone have an idea of what's going on? I know they're reputable and all, but I'm anxious to get my WODE!

    Does anyone have an email address of the person(s) that run the site? Thanks!

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    Same Thing happened to me I ordered something for my xbox360 and its down... STILL!!! I haven't received my package, I'm outta New Jersey... Have you?

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    I got my Wasabii and V16 today, ordered last Thursday, never got confirmation.

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    Hmmm.... I will give it a couple of more days.... I will reply if I get it otherwise I will blast the he*% out of that website....

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    Quote Originally Posted by modchip website
    We do apologize for our downtime. We had a MySQL database crash and should hopefully be back up anytime soon.

    Mod Central Ltd
    They are still there just a crash.
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    Pm me your order number. If it was ordered the 18th, it already shipped so I can get you your tracking number.

    Our site will be back up by tomorrow

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    I can't give you my order number

    Since I never received an email confirmation that my order was placed I cannot send you my order number, can you search by name? I can see though that your payment program was still working since my account was charged... If you look at the thread I am not the only one that did not get an email confirmation...


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