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Thread: WODE GC Source Code

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    WODE GC Source Code

    Hello Everybody,
    I was looking around at the WODE site, and I found the WODE GC Source Code
    HTML Code:
    I just put this up so somebody can use this to make a GC USB Loader.
    If you have already posted it or seen a similar post, please post the link.

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    This was posted a while ago. I will post the link here if can find it.

    EDIT: Just searched and noticed you already made this post and someone told you it had already been posted. Just wondering why you posted this again?

    Here is the link to the first thread.
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    WODE GC Source Code

    I posted it again because the reply for the other one said somebody else posted it but he didn't give me a link, so i posted it in the correct place.
    I hope you can find the other link!
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    This will not help. The only reason the wode can play gc-games from usb is because it has its own usb port. The wii usb ports shutdown when in gc-mode. We need someone to write a cios that will play gc-games with functional usb ports.
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    Thanks a lot! If someone can write a patch to the MIOS so it can connect to the IOS, won't that give us all the functionality of the USB Ports for GC games?

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