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Thread: Usbloader gx scrolling screen problem

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    Question Usbloader gx scrolling screen problem

    Whenever I try and play Mariokart on my usb hdd it starts but the screen scrolls rapidly from top to bottom. Does anyone know what would cause this or how to fix it?

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    Yes the game is not from your region.

    Play the game from your region.

    Force your region through your loader.

    This question is asked every day, and probably answered every day.
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    Wow fast reply. My friend just modded his Wii the same way and it works on his just fine. How can I force the region through the loader?

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    If you don't know that you should probablly search. It will be in the settings or options for your loader. Try to look around a bit before you post.
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    I found it thanks!!!

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    Us Screen Scrolling

    I get screen scrolling while trying to play Donkey Kong Country Returns. Anyone know how to fix it?

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    Tried forcing the region, didn't work. any other idea's?


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