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Thread: MOD chip for D2C

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    MOD chip for D2C

    Hello all,

    I have used the serial number tracker linked on this forum to determin that my drive is a GC2-D2C (serial number LEH 164 xxxxx).
    My console is from the UK.

    I have also decided that I am going to buy a D2PRO9 v2 with 2.3 firmware with wii clip
    a wasabi v3 with wii clip

    I want to install myself.

    I understand that I may need to solder 1 wire with D2PRO9 and will definately need to solder 1 wire with the wasabi. Not ideal as I have no experience with soldering but looks easy enough.

    I would like your suggestions as to what chip you would recomend?

    Also I wanted to know if there are any known problems with using wii conect 24 and wii firmware updates over wifi?
    Can this cause bricking / issues?

    And one more thing, anyone out there recomend a UK retailer?
    I'm thinking is my best option.
    Support looks good, delivery in 1 day, and competetive prices.

    Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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    u can use either chip. u can also get the d2pro v3 as long as its got the latest v2.3 firmware on there......there is no issue using wii connect

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    The following post/thread may help you decide the modchip compatible with D2C.

    Currently there are no problems with updating the wii using connect24, actually its probably the saefest way to update your wii rather than from game. If you update your wii from game you must make sure that the game is the same region as your wii otherwise it will brick it.


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