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Thread: i thought d2pro9 let you play region-free???

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    i thought d2pro9 let you play region-free???

    ok i just got my wii modchipped (d2pro9).
    and burned 5 games...
    4 are USA and 1 is japanese.
    4 USA ones work fine (my wii is usa version) but the japanese one doesn't work.
    when i pop in the disk, i can see the game in the disk channel or whatever it's called.
    so i click it, then game title shows up then says press a to start or something like that.
    so when i press it, the screen goes blank then nothing.
    no error message or upgrade message or nothing... the screen just goes blank like my lcd is in sleep or energy save mode.
    then i can't do anything obviously since i can't see nothing.. i have to reset it or power off... when i turn it back on, everything is back to normal.
    i thought modchips let you play region-free?
    or am i totally missing something?
    do i have to do anything to play different region back-ups?

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    if anyone who's willing to help wants to see what's happening, maybe i can record a short clip and post it on youtube.

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    I believe after installing the modchip the first disc you insert has to be an original of the same region as your wii (e.g. Wii Sports), this is to set your modchips region. After that it should be able to detect other region games.


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