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Thread: Best MODCHIP and Easiest to Install

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    Unhappy Best MODCHIP and Easiest to Install

    Hi, please can someone tell me which one is the best Modchip and easiest to install for my Wii (serial LEH193969**[3] ) which will allow me to backup and play all my games?

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    You know I think normal font would sufice lol, but alot of people suggest what ever chip you decide on use a Wiiclip.

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    if you read through the forum you will find your answer from some of the eduacated players in the scene. enjoy the numerous clear and detailed posts from these generous and helpful people

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    We got 100% solderless Wasabi 2 v3 for you.

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    Thank you for your reply guys… I’m new at this hence don’t know much about Wii chipping. What is D2C2, D2E, etc…
    I understand Wii consoles that came out first year of releasing, can be chipped easily and there are many choices. However I bought my one recently, therefore how do I determine which chip will work on my Wii Serial: LEH193969**[3]

    Thank you,

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    Check the following thread and also the link in the thread for the Wii tracker to determine your wii drive type.

    Then take a look at the following post/thread.

    The following thread will help you through the process.

    After that you can research more about the chip in the modchip section of the forums.

    Wii Modchip - Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community

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    I understand my Wii has a D2C2. “D2SUN v1.22 + Wii Clip for Nintendo Wii” including Presoldered to Wii Clip total to £29.99 look like a value product from D2SUN + Wii Clip for Nintendo Wii

    However I don’t think it can be upgraded, is that a problem as all I want to do is play back up game?

    Thanks again for all your help

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    get the d2sun v3.0 from mod chip central, it is completely solderless and it is upgradable and has an on and off switch. it works on all chipsets, u just have to put the right switch order regarding ur type of chipset and it works perfectly!
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    It works!!!

    It was surprisingly easy to open the Wii and install the chip. Played few original and backup games. Now my question is, chip I’m using is “D2SUN v1.22” which is not upgradeable, so what would happen if the system firmware get updated as many games may contain updates or if I connect it to the internet?
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    well with that version d2sun chip, nothing will happen, it would work just as normal.
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.


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