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Thread: Help with a bricked wii?

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    Help with a bricked wii?

    well, i have bricked my wii.
    it is softmodded, and was playing fine upto one day were it just went kapputt.

    it has that black screen/no connection fail. and i think this is due to the wii's bluetooth module, (well thats what im told) and i would like to know: how hard is it to fit these module things.
    im a noob to these things, but i know someone who wil be able to fix it.

    also what things will i need, and what are the chances of this fixing my little white wii (if any)

    anyway thanks in advance.

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    If it just went kaput as you put it, without you mucking around with something then it is likely to be the Bluettoth card. If you look at the attached image you will see it sits just above the SD socket. Apparently it's a breeze to fit, you'll need a tri-wing screwdriver, a table, one bluetooth module and about 10 minutes. It's not worth paying someone to do this.
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    ahhh, thank you. it looks a little less complicated than i thought it would be.
    i'll make sure i order one (found them cheap on ebay ) and i wasn't actually going to pay anyone, my mate would probs do it for me, it's in his field of expertise.

    but still thanks.

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