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Thread: Recovery menu Brick Fixing with SaveMiiFrii &autoboot disks

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    Recovery menu Brick Fixing with SaveMiiFrii &autoboot disks

    You can also make yourself a savemii free out of a gamecube controller, this will allow you to boot discs without going through the system menu, so you can use a game with an update on it to reinstall critical files or Zelda TP to run the twilight hack (if you still have hacked save on your wii) and load AnyRegionChanger or wad manager to fix your wii. Have a look here

    AutoBoot Discs

    To use these you need:

    1) Mod chip or have cioscorp installed.
    2) System menu IOS needs the trucha bug present.
    3) Gamecube controller to do the savemiifrii hack.
    4) Bootmii as an IOS (for bootmii autoboot only)

    AutoBoot 3.2E Update Disc
    AutoBoot 3.2J Update Disc
    AutoBoot AnyRegionChanger v1.1bM5
    AutoBoot Bootmii
    AutoBoot Universal Unbrick Disc V2
    AutoBoot Wad-Manager

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    Thumbs up UNBRICK your Wii...Preprogrammed to AutoBoot from DVD

    As there have been numerous requests for AUTOBOOT DEFAULTED DRIVEKEYs
    so We have preprogrammed some with the AUTOBOOT TURNED ON to boot from DVD and these are available for the short term.

    Autobooting WasabiDx and Drivekey modchips available to help make it easier to unbrick the wii ..Here

    As more sponsors make them available..they will also be listed here

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    How to use the Autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to Unbrick your Wii

    This guide is to explain how to use the autobooting Drivekey/Wasabi DX to unbrick your wii.

    Things Needed
    -An autobooting Drivekey or Wasabi DX, available here
    -A Triwing Screwdriver (Comes with Drivekey and Wasabi DX)
    -A Philips Screwdriver (Comes with Drivekey and Wasabi DX)
    -Ribbon Cable (Comes with DriveKey and Wasabi DX)
    -A Gamecube Controller (Preferably A Nintendo brand Controller)
    -Blank DVDs
    -Autobooting Wad Manager and/or Autobooting Any Region Changer
    -Electrical Tape
    -Clean, Dry Hands

    - If a screw isn't coming out, don't spin your screw driver into it until the head strips.
    - If you see cables, don't put anything sharp close to it.
    - Don't leave your console plugged into a wall outlet.
    - Don't leave your console attached to your TV.
    - Don't leave the sensor bar attached to the Wii.
    - Be organized with your screws. They're tiny. I have no idea where you can get more if you lose them.
    - Don't work on a carpeted surface. Static shock can travel and damage the components.

    STEP 1: Gamecube Port Covers

    Remove these covers by opening them, then lifting up gently. It doesn't take much force to remove these, so go slowly.

    STEP 2: Gamecube Port Plates

    Remove 3 micro Phillips head screws. Take your fingers and pinch the black space between the memory card slots and pull up. The black plate should pop right out.

    STEP 3: Gamecube Port Screws

    Remove 2 Phillips head screws (red) and 2 triwing screws (green)

    STEP 4: Underside Screws

    Find the Wii side with the 4 feet. Remove the 2 rear feet (nearest the back cable ports). Remove 2 white square stickers (near the front disc drive).

    Remove 4 triwing screws.

    STEP 5: Serial Side Battery

    Remove 1 Phillips head screw (red) and lift the battery holder / battery out.

    STEP 5: Serial Side Screw Removal

    Remove the rubber foot on the side opposite the battery holder. Remove 3 white, square stickers. Remove 2 triwing screws (green) and 3 Phillips head screws (red).

    STEP 6: Front Faceplate

    Set the console on it's bottom. Remove the front faceplate by releasing a 2 wire harness. Caution, the wires are very thin and can be damaged if removed too forcefully. Don't use plyers to remove the micro harness, if they slip, they'll tear the wires right out.

    STEP 7: Top Case

    The upper case should lift right off.

    STEP 8: DVD Drive Release

    The DVD Drive's chip controller is on the underside. Remove 4 Phillips head screws (red) to access it.

    STEP 9: Drive Chip Access

    The DVD Drive's chip controller is on the underside. Remove 4 Phillips head screws (red) to access it.
    Flip over the DVD rom drive to locate the drive controller. Caution, the cables that connect the Wii's motherboard to the drive aren't very long. You might not be able to open it completely flat. Use heavy care, especially with the white bundle of cables (next to the flat ribbon cable).

    STEP 10: Set Up Modchip's Region.
    You should see 4 switches on your Wasabi DX labeled: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    You want to leave 3 and 4 off like this:

    As for 1 and 2 they wii vary depending on your region:





    STEP 11: Installing the Mod Chip
    Unplug the ribbon cable from the slot in the red circled area:

    Plug the unplugged ribbon into the part of the chip that says To Wii Console:

    Plug the ribbon that came with your chip into the slot of the mod chip that goes to the wii's DVD Drive then plug the other end of the ribbon into the slot where you removed the first ribbon cable.

    You should have something like this when finished:

    Using the electrical tape, Cover the top of the chip.

    STEP 12: Re-assemble your console by basically doing the process in reverse.

    STEP 13: Burning the ISO onto disc
    First you will need to unrar the iso by right clicking the .rar file and selecting extract here, depending on what caused the brick, if it was a bad wad you will need wad manager if your system menu is really corrupted you will need Any Region Changer.

    Next, open ImgBurn and select write image file to disc. Open the iso and burn at a low speed on a DVD-R.

    STEP 14: Autobooting the disc
    Insert the disc and plug in your gamecube controller into the 4th gamecube port. make sure to open up your gamecube controller so you can press all four buttons on the d-pad at once (the pad that looks like +)
    Press the power on the wii and quickly press all four directions on the d-pad if you don't understand take a look at this video:

    Wad Manager or Any Region Changer should load. Make sure you have the same wad that bricked you on your sd card. Instead of pressing + to install it press - on the wiimote to uninstall then restart your wii and problem should be solved. If your system menu is still corrupted or was corrupted not because of the wad. Use the Any Region Changer iso with the same method and select a firmware inside your region. Any Region Changer will require an internet connection to work if you didn't have one set up before the brick use wad manager to install the correct IOS and System Menu. If you're not sure what IOS and System Menu Version you need to look here

    This should most likely and probably will fix your bannerbricked wii.

    -Your System Menu IOS must have the trucha bug. System Menus 3.3 and under have this by default. If you followed a tutorial from here properly and you're on 4.0 or up, you'll probably have the trucha bug.
    Credit to e39 for dissasembly tutorial.

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    Only use savemiifrii and the recovery menu as a last resort. If you are using the info in the thread, kick yourself really hare in the a**- you FAILED to take the proper precautions.

    To use the recovery menu with recovery disks
    -you dvd drive must be able to read backup dvds, newer wii's cannot do this (aka D3-2 drive error -1053)
    -your system ios must be patched with the trucha bug
    -your modchip must be set to autoboot
    The modchip needs to be preconfigured to autoboot and regionfree from your seller, or you need another wii.
    You CANNOT configure the chip on a bricked wii. You should leave chips update block disabled

    There are many autobooting disk you may use (only if system ios is trucha patched)
    AB-Loadmii autoboots into loadmii, useful if you do not have HBC installed
    AB-HBC- autoboots into HAXX or JODI- The HomeBrew Channel, then run any app you require.

    More autoboot disks- wadmanager, anyregionchanger, bootmii, etc

    If you do not have a trucha signed ios, you can not use the above disks- SUCKS TO BE YOU
    -If you installed Indiana Pwns, you can autoboot Lego Indiana Jones and load a homebrew app.
    -If your wii has the Twilight Princess hack install, you can autoboot Zelda (doubtful)
    -You CANNOT autoboot SSBB and use the Smash Stack Hack

    If your wii has a functional data managment, you can use SSDm
    Info- > New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.1v Wii's and below
    You use many many games and fill your nand with savegames and channel, etc.

    Other info-
    4.2 wii systems will only boot in region games
    The Official Nintendo Recovery disk, is very useless- you can do a system format with it, and it requires ios16 which is stubbed on 4* systems. So unless you removed this stub the disk does not work
    Some games boot better when patched to autoboot- Wii Autoboot
    If your chip is not configured for regionfree you patch the region with regionfii. This does not work on 4.2 or greater systems.

    Once you are able to autoboot homebrew apps, you still need to fix your wii. This means you need to understand what is wrong with it. Make you new thread in the Bricked Wii section for help.
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    You may be able to do this as a last resort
    SDDm(Speed Demon Data management) aka SD card -> Data management if you look at it that way

    Quote Originally Posted by [URL=
    Dbgtgoten[/URL]]<table class="ipbtable" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="post2 post_left" style="border-left: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); border-right: 2px solid rgb(255, 255, 255); background: rgb(242, 242, 242) none repeat scroll 0% 0%; text-align: left; padding-left: 3px; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous;" valign="top">

    </td> <td class="post2" id="post-main-2427977" style="border-right: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); background: rgb(253, 253, 253) none repeat scroll 0% 0%; -moz-background-clip: border; -moz-background-origin: padding; -moz-background-inline-policy: continuous; text-align: left;" width="100%" valign="top"> <!-- THE POST 2427977 --> Hello glad to see you came into this topic now this is a new workaround that i've thought up to actually unbrick a wii console from a bannerbrick (Austin can verify i did indeed unbrick via IRC aka Souls)

    <!--coloro:#0000FF--><!--/coloro-->Workaround 1# SDDm
    Does not work on Korean 003 Errored wii's<!--colorc-->

    EDIT: this can be done to unbrick 4.2v wiis but you must use the workaround to input a save file for another hack besides bannerbomb aka indiana jones

    I dub this workaround:SDDm(Speed Demon Data management) aka SD card -> Data management if you look at it that way

    To do this method you need to have the bannerbrick wii (4.2v system menu or below), Modchip(unless able to run games without one via recoverymenu), backups of your Owned games no piracy remenber? , a full or nearing full nand (no save blocks or barely any left)

    Your nand has to be almost full if not full so you can do this method if it not full proceed backing up your originals or autobooting to take nand space anyway anyhow, once you are nearing less than 100 you can then use the following games to create this workaround:

    Rabbids Go home (need around less than 77 blocks)
    MySims Agent (96 blocks or less)
    Mysims Kingdom (200 blocks or less)
    Mysims racing (i think 3 blocks or less)
    etc mysims games

    Once you have low enough to do the workaround you will
    Ex. Rabbids go home

    NOTE: you may also connect with rockband/guitar hero to dl songs if you have a valid wireless/wired connection setup already for a fast fill up!

    1. Start up the console booting your game of choice
    2. Go to the save screen where you can choose your save file.
    3. Click to install the rabbids go home channel
    4. Accept till it says you do not have enough space to install this channel
    5. take out the dvd.
    6. Click go to data management
    7. Congrats you've bypassed the system menu with this workaround, feel free from here to do any of the following hacks (adding saves for brawl/indiana jones/bannerbomb)

    Note: Brawl can be used to see your current amount of space by making stages and saving them only till 108 spaces then it won't show you less. You can fill your nand passed 0 blocks so don't worry about over filling

    Successfully unbannerbricked my 4.0v non truncha non bootmii wii
    This workaround has been discovered by me aka Souls/Dbgtgoten
    if you have any questions about it email = or reply here i'll answer
    I would like to say thank you for Austin and Geekboy for always talking to me during the rough bannerbrick times!

    <!--coloro:#0000FF--><!--/coloro-->Workaround 2# NIP<!--colorc--><!--/colorc-->

    NOTE another workaround into the data mangement screen has been found by me tho it might not be too appealing/might not work for bannerbricks please someone test if it can run during a bannerbrick
    2nd workaround : Fill the Nand completely full to 0 blocks and the system menu takes you to data management itself =)

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    Fixing a banner brick with Wii Fit

    Hey guys, i would like to share how i and my friends were able to fix a wii banner bricked (6 month old) caused by a corrupted channel.
    First the things that were used in the process:
    - Wii console 4.2U (without trucha bug)
    - Drivekey modchip with autoboot set
    - Wii Fit game
    - Balance board

    When Wii Fit starts it ask if the date and time are correct, and allow you to adjust it by going directly to wii settings bypassing the initial screen of system menu. At that point i click on the option "Format Wii System Memory", to return the console to factory default and erasing the installed bad channel.
    IMPORTANT this method allow you to recover a banner bricked console but also DELETE ALL the content of the nand, in other words the savegames, purchased channels, console settings.

    Obs: the balance board is need because the first thing that Wii Fit ask is to sync with it.

    Other idea is use this method to access the data management screen and copy the indiana pwns exploit to internal memory and running it trought the LEGO Indiana Jones game to access the HBC and fix the
    console without format the nand. Maybe could be possible but i have not tried this way.

    I hope this help many users with the same problem.
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    How to restore the Trucha Bug to the system ios

    If you failed to patch your system ios with the trucha bug, you probably noticed that your wii will not autoboot any of the wonderful recovery disks. This can cause many problems while attempting to fix your wii from the RM, and I am sure you wish you had patched that system ios. The good news is, it may be possible to patch the system ios with the trucha bug using the method below.

    Patched ios36 with trucha bug- this is common
    Mario Kart iso- unscrubbed
    A modchip- preconfigured to autoboot
    Must Not Have Installed Mario Kart Channel
    A gc-controller, perhaps modified


    Download one of these
    3.0-3.3 =

    3.4 =

    4.0-4.1 =

    4.2 =

    4.3 =

    Donated from cIOSCORP

    Extract all downloads to the location of your Mario Kart iso

    -Run MakeKeyBin.exe, type 42, click generate

    -Run WIIScrubber.exe
    Click load ISO, select Mario Kart iso
    Double click Partition 2- INSTALLER
    Right click RevoKartNR.wad
    Click replace
    Select cIOS##-v####-v3.6.wad
    The file name will not change, it will remain as RevoKartNR.wad
    Close wiiscrubber

    - drag Mario-Kart.iso onto IOSPatcher.exe, type 36 and hit enter, ios250 should also work. If 36 fails, try 250

    -Burn the Mario-Kart.iso
    Use good media, like verbatim dvd -r. Burn it slowly, with imgburn

    -With a gc-controller in port 4, boot the wii with disk removed, do savemiifrii to the recovery menu. Hold all 4 directions down on the d-pad, while holding power the wii and keep holding the d-pad down. You should see a black screen with #.#u/e/j. From here you can autoboot many games.
    -Insert the Mario-Kart disk, let it boot- be patient.
    -If it fails to boot, use Wii Autoboot to patch the iso to auto, then try again.

    -Once the game boots, click on settings, mario kart channel- Install
    -If you are sent to your brick screen, you don't have a trucha patched ios36 and this will not work for you- try SDDm in post #5
    -If your wii memory is full try the SDDm method in post #5. If that fails I have ideas to free up space, so make a post for help.

    Once the channel install is complete you should be able to autoboot fakesigned disks. My favorites are found in post #4

    I am pretty sure that ios36 will work just fine, and that ios250 is not needed. However, I am out of disks and can not test ios36- I know ios250 works. But if someone can verify that ios36 will install, I can remove ios250 from this guide to simplify the explanation and requirements.
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    Method- Castlevania Judgment

    How to load HB apps from disk, without a patched system ios. Requires ios36 to be patched, from TBR or dop-mii or other method.

    If you where silly (stupid) and did not install priiloader, and did not patch your system ios, and for some reason managed to brick your wii in a banner like way- you are basically screwed. But perhaps not yet.

    Fixing these type a bricks is a pain, and there are very few options to try. So here is another one-

    What does this do- Loads wadmanager 1.4 from autoboot disk, when ios36 is patched but the system ios is not.

    Functional RM via savmii/savmiifrii (gc-controller)
    Ios36 must have the fakesign bug, aka trucha bug.
    You will need a modchip, preconfigured to autoboot, region free enabled
    Castlevania Judgment, unscrubbed iso
    (tested with ntsc-u version)

    Extract to the location of Castlevania Judgment iso.

    -Burn Castlevania Judgment iso, burn it good and proper

    -Run MakeKeyBin.exe, type 42, click generate

    -Run WIIScrubber.exe
    Click load ISO, select Castlevania Judgment iso
    Double click Partition 1- data
    Right click on main.dol,
    Click replace
    Select WM_1.4.dol
    main.dol name will not change

    -Burn the patched Castlevania Judgment iso, burn it good and proper

    -Boot the wii and load the Recovery Menu via savemii/savemiifrii.
    You should see a black screen with your system menu version #

    -Insert your Castlevania Judgment disk, it should boot
    Let the game load to the intro movie, eject the disk
    you will see "error please instert Castlevania Judgment disk"

    -Insert you patched Castlevania Judgment disk
    The intro movie plays again, goto the main game menu
    Push "Home" on the wiimote and click "restart"

    -Wadmanager 1.4 will load,
    push A to install/uninstall wads, or
    push B to exit to HBC

    -Now fix your wii, you will have to have some idea of what you need to do.

    If wadmanager fails to load and you are booted to your brick error- you do not have a patched ios36
    If the patched game boots to a black screen, there is an issue with your main.dol, tray again or try another useful dol.

    Games that I know use ios36- Mario Kart, SSBB, Castlevania Judgment- if you know of others, let me know
    Mario Kart- fails with this method (at least the ntsc version)
    SSBB- ntsc does not work, pal version may work

    This method can be duplicated with other games running on other ios, as long as the ios is patched. If you think you have other patched ios, you can try other games.

    Ios36 is the most common patched ios used by games. That is why it was chosen here.
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    Install Savegame HACKS from Recovery Menu

    Install Savegame HACKS from Recovery Menu

    This will let you install "Indiana PWNS", "YU-GI-VAH/OWNED" or the "Twilight Hack" from the recovery menu via savemiifrii
    Good for fixing banner type bricks if you have no priiloader or bootmii and did not patch the system ios.

    <2g standard SD-card
    Official Nintendo Backup Disk- Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31.rar
    Savegame HACK rbk file
    Lego Indiana Jones, Yu-Gi-Oh WB, or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Wii BootMe
    GC-controller with functional Savemiifrii recovery menu
    No Official Nintendo 4.X updates, from disk or online
    The 4.x official update stubs ios16, this will not work with a stubbed ios16
    This will work on any 3.x wii, any 4.x safe updated wii, or if you deleted the stubbed ios16
    . If you followed my softmod guide, this should work.

    Savegame HACK rbk files- you need one of these
    Indiana PWNS




    Twilight Hack
    v2- 3.4 +
    PAL- File needed
    JAP- File needed
    v1- 3.3 -
    Pal- File needed
    USA- File needed
    JAP- File needed

    Burn Nintendo's Offical Wii BackUp Disk v1.31.rar good and proper
    Extract your Savegame HACK rbk file to sd:\
    Use gc-controller to savemiifrii into recovery menu
    Insert Nintendo Backup disk
    Select the restore option
    restore your Savegame HACK rbk

    Wii BootMe on Lego Indiana Jones or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game iso
    set to autoboot
    Burn game iso, good and proper
    Use gc-controller to savemiifrii into recovery menu
    Insert game disk
    Do the Indiana PWNS or Twilight Hack process
    Load wadmanager or other app. You can load wadmanager and uninstall the bad wad (no ios or SM wads), or you can exit wadmanager to the HBC and run other useful apps (ATD, ARC).

    I will post other Savegame hack rbk files when I get them. If you have them, let me know.
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    Bannerbrick fix- NetFlix disc

    Here is another bannerbrick fix, using the Netflix disc.

    Should work on all wii's <4.1, and 4.2u/4.3u+ wiis

    Wii Netflix disc

    Burn the Wii Netflix disc, good and proper.
    If your modchip is not set to autoboot discs, use Wii Bootme to set the iso to autoboot.

    The wii must be offline. If you have internet enabled, power off your wifi router.

    Use savemiifrii to boot the wii into the recovery menu.
    Insert the Wii NetFlix disc
    Netflix should load and give a connection error. It will then prompt you to enter the wii settings.
    Enter the Wii Settings, it will take you to the connection settings.
    Back out of the connection settings and enter Data Managment.
    From Data Management run Bannerbomb v1 for <4.1 wiis, or install a disc exploit of your choice for 4.2/4.3+ wiis.
    Use the exploit to load Multi-Mod Manager or wadmanager.
    Fix your wii, uninstall the bad channel wad or whatever you need to do to fix your wii.
    Never uninstall ios or your system menu, this will brick your wii.
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